Acting : Looking For Actors and Actresses. by Joel Yagual

Joel Yagual

Looking For Actors and Actresses.

I'd like to know your thoughts on some of the best places and sites in finding actors and actresses.. Thanks. Best, Joel

Joel Yagual

Thanks Donia. I've gotten a few but still looking. Have a great weekend.

D Marcus

The best places? Casting sites. Casting directors. Acting schools. In Los Angeles every bartender and waitress and Starbucks.

Joel Yagual

D Marcus..I meant besides here...and thanks will be checking into those you mentioned.

Des E. Barry

find a good acting class, wherever you live and ask if you can audit the class, see what talent they have and maybe you'll find your actor

Amir Masud

You're in LA! The world capital of actors. 1. Use one of the casting networks (free) LACASTING or NOWCASTING or backstage. 2. Get references from other Filmmakers. Watch films and contact actors you like 3. Hire a casting director #1 is easiest.

Joel Yagual

Des E. Barry, thank you for the tip. I've come across quite a few male actors. Now seeking more females for audition day.

Joel Yagual

Amir, you're right. Been going at this left and right with my casting director, so far it's going good. Thanks for looking out.

Joel Yagual

Denise, thanks for the info. Will keep you in mind. Have a great weekend. Best, Joel

Des E. Barry

Denise, I checked you out at imdb, honey you need to put together a demo reel, even if you were only background it dosen't matter it can still show what you look like on film, remember all the titles then go to and see if you can find said movie make a copy of it and then have someone cut out your little scene and put together a reel then upload it to stage32. okey dokey

Des E. Barry

sorry Denise I was on the wrong page at the time I see you do have a reel my bad

Amy Ulrich

What type of actress are you looking for? You're welcome to check out my headshots, reels, etc. They are here on Stage32 and on my site Best of luck!

Patricia Urbonas Clark

I am always open to new work as an actress.

Martin Ross

Hey Joel. I'm in UK but.......?

Candice O'Hart

It's easy to find actresses and actors but hard to find good ones, if that makes sense. Millions of people want to act but only a small percentage actually have natural talent. People above gave great advice! Look for thee one not just one. ;) Good luck! Wish I lived there!

Kristina Hughes

What are you currently casting or producing? I have a detailed database of strong actor referrals. When I have tried to cast from click & submits, 99% of the time I pretty much end up going back to my database b/c it is all about relationships after all, isn't it? I know these people will show up on time, know their lines, follow-up and self-promote. ~Kristina New Comedy Demo Reel:

Martin Ross

Kristina. I feel that's a tad hard on every actor or atress who has put themselves forward here? I for one am nothing BUT professional and turn up on time and do exactly what I'm directed to do, I'm sure others do too. After all this IS a professional to professional forum right?

Jeff Osborne

I agree with Candice ! im in orange county,from LA if you need any talent let me know

Kristina Hughes

Martin, I write this b/c this business is less about clicking & submitting and more about getting out there. You might be very professional. That's AWESOME. However when my producing partner was casting a pilot, people who confirmed auditions did not show up, showed up very late so much that they had to pay for 2 hours more of the rental space, did not read the material in advance, didn't remotely look like their headshots and honestly you might be horrified to read what some folks wrote in the NOTES area of these click & submit services (including swear words). Please, please, please read this 2 part series: about self-submitting and share with your actor friends.

Martin Ross

Kristina. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with what you say, I have certainly witnessed that too. I'm merely pointing out that saying 'the ONLY way is to go is through professional agencies' (which seems to be what you're saying?) is also by default saying that Stage 32 isn't. Further more, that anyone putting themselves forward here are not (entirely) professional? I myself am a professional actor and a member of Spotlight here in UK. I can say that I have obtained and secured some great roles (at full Equity rates) for myself outside Spotlight by putting myself forward and promoting myself. On places such as Stage32. Just sayin. I will of course watch the links.

Martin Ross

Jeff. What casting agency wouldn't agree with Candice?

Jeff Osborne

well martin im not a casting agency so that I couldn't tell ya but I would like to add one thing ! a actors job is to be ready and willing and prepared and did his or her work whether your new or not ! I understand where Kristina and martin are coming from with Kristina that's great you have your people that's your job ! their job is to be that actor that works and is ready and prepared but there are actors out there that are ready and prepared and talented that don't know you ! and our job as a actor presenting ourselves as the product we need to connect to you ! that's if you want to connect right and to martin I agree in some of the things your saying to,its a hard life its long hours a lot of auditions and a lot of red tape there should be a place where any actors looking for reps to go and connect with agency's but that's a bit crazy too because a agency wont normally see you if your new its kind of a two edge sword because if your new its hard to get agents to look at you and if your not new its all the red tape between us ive had a few agents that got me no work ive done most of everything myself the thing is to get A GOOD AGENT THAT WORKS WITH YOU !! they are hard to find

Joel Yagual

Thank you for the replies/ support guys. I will be replying to each of you shortly.

Joel Yagual

More details here .. "Crazy Love" (Big Bear Cabin, CA)

Jessica Jay
Joel Yagual

Thanks Chris and Jessica. In Big Bear , CA today.. getting back to you all later today. Thanks for the support.

Sonja Jones

I can be found online at

James Brown

I like It has a very simple interface and doesn't try to do everything that the more comprehensive casting web services provide, so it's quick and easy. I've been very happy with the quality of actors who responded to my casting call and have found other talented actors of various levels of experience. The downside is that StarNow doesn't have as many actors signed up as other more established sites. But, when I got 600 responses to a casting call on an established web service, I didn't have the time to to a full review of everyone who responded. If you're going for SAG actors, is a good place to start.

David M Emeson

Hi Joel how you doing sir. Please I'll like to be involved in your project. My name is David Emeson and my email is

Samantha Rivers Cole

Hello Mr. Yagual! I'd love to be considered for your project. Hi! I'm interested in your film. I'm a comedic actress. Please see my reel on my website and check out my imdb page: I am co-founder and performer of the all female sketch comedy troupe: Pirate Sugar, we have a show tonight at the PIT 123 E. 24th Street, NYC @9:30 if you'd like to see some of my comedy work. I am highly trained with an MFA in acting from UW and have also studied at Harvard, UC Berkeley and the American Conservatory Theater. Thanks for your time and consideration. I'd love to audition for you. The best places to find actors are: Actor's Access, Casting Networks, NYCastings, Backstage, and Good luck, I hope you find the perfect cast!

Deanna Rashell

Hi, I'm a filmmaker and working actress. Actors Access is typically the most popular site, of course you can find some decent talent on craigslist. You can google acting sites and a slew of them come up, I'd just search around and see what site suites your needs. You will find union actors on Actors Access for sure :) My site is, my reel is up there too, happy hunting!

Autumn Weisz

Joel, I'm interested as well...You can see my work at

Joel Yagual

TY guys for all your submissions and support. Auditions are set for June 5th through the 7th in Burbank, California. We will be contacting those that have made our selection with audition information and location. Thank you again all for the support. I am sorry i couldn't reply sooner..I have been tied up with another set and also preparing for my project. Thanks.

Joel Yagual

Deanna thanks for the site info.

Audrey Genevieve Holland

Hi Joel- I'd love to be a part of your project! Thank you for your consideration!

Veronica Davila

Hello! I'm Veronica Davila and is love to be considered for your work :) any questions you can contact me though email Thank you!

Mark Schaefer

some other sites to find actors... actorsaccess and casting360

Kristina Hughes

Has anyone used iActor?

Lina Jones

Hello and welcome, I go to sites like and when I am looking for people. Lina Jones

Alfred Goode

Hi Joel im a great actor looking for work in Vegas . Check out mu resume and profile thanks

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