Acting : Looking for Voice Actors to collaborate for a project by Danny Giles

Danny Giles

Looking for Voice Actors to collaborate for a project

Hey! I'm looking for Voice Actors to collaborate with for an independent project I'm developing. What would be the best way to connect?

There seems to be many different sites and I'm getting a bit lost in what the best resource is.

Or if you're a voice actor on here, please reach out!

I'm looking for all ages!


Scott Sands

Good morning Danny. Feel free to hit me back

Brian Post

Hey Danny, I’m interested in hearing more! I have a collection of voice acting samples on my website here if you’d like to give them a listen:

Linda Summer

I'm always voice acting at home with my partner who worked in film for nearly 30 years. That would be a fun gig.

Bo Barker

Danny... experienced award-winning Voice Actor here.. Would love to hear about what you are putting together. Visit to learn about me and my work. Best Regards!

Cam Patrick

Hey Danny, I'd also love to hear more about your project and would love to help!

Rutger Oosterhoff

Hey Danny, Jerel is a voice actor. The the film "Prowler" is his. Here a link:

If you like it you can contact him through the following email:

Or contact him through his Stage32 page.

Lowell Thompson

Would love to help

Helena Pinotti

Hey Danny, would love to hear about the project. Let me know if you need help.

Eric L. Williams

What is the project you're developing?

Devon McPherson

Hi! I'm a voice actor. You can hashtag on Twitter to find people. Linkedin and Facebook have voice actor groups. You can find people there. There are P2P sites. VOPlanet is a good one.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Check out my demos at Let me know if you would be able to work with such voice. Thanks

Debbie Irwin

Let's hear more!

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