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Acting : Monologue Mondays by Nathan T. Esser

Nathan T. Esser

Monologue Mondays

I need people’s opinion. I wanted to do something for Instagram but then I get the impression. There are actors who have YouTube accounts who posts videos with the #MonologueMondays So I’m trying to find out, why people do this, does it build followers, and most importantly is it recommended For me to do the same thing? Now I’m more into finding more actual acting gigs so that I can build up a demo and resume, but what are your thoughts? Why is it important in this time of age.

Stephen Foster

it's always good to post your work online.

Arbender Robinson

if you have great footage online, it gives casting a way to verify the quality of your work. You dont have a extensive resume but having access to footage could help. I just say, make sure the work is great

Damian Lloyd

The key to building a YouTube audience is regular, focussed posting. To the latter: don't post your vacation videos on your acting channel. If you post lots of different stuff, your audience will be smaller. To the former: regular viewing is a habitual thing; having a new video up every week keeps your audience coming back every week. If you post irregularly, your audience will be smaller.

-- Damian

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