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Acting : Most Awkward Audition Moments by Marc Isaacs

Marc Isaacs

Most Awkward Audition Moments

Besides forgetting your lines, if that's ever happened to you, what's the most awkward experience in the audition room you can remember? I'll be sharing the most amusing answers with my acting students and on my blog site, Acting Made Stupid Simple.

D Marcus

I helped a writer/director friend out on his first feature buy doing some UPM work and for two days working as a second AD on a scene with a lot of extras. Skip ahead 18 months and I'm producing a TV series. One of the actors listed my friends film on her resume and in a "lead" role. Now this film was never finished so it would be very difficult for anyone to check it and her claim as being a lead. Imagine how awkward it was for her when I asked her about the film and then told her my connection to it. She was, in fact, an extra during the two days I was wrangling extras.

Jennifer Bailey

Once I was in an audition and I completely not connecting to the script. I thought it wasn't good writing, and I just couldn't get into it. I had thought about not going to the audition at all, but I felt it was my job as an actor to make it work, even if i couldn't connect. I felt if I didn't go, I would be failing at my job. So off I went, and I was reading against the actual writer of the piece. It reached the point where you just know this isn't going well, and in my nervousness I said, "So sorry but doing this script makes me feel like an idiot" Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

John Wallage

I wish more actors would be honest like during script readings, it makes the directors job a little easier.

Thomas Bailey

Usually anything that is action related is pretty shitty. I've had them ask me to pretend to fire a gun, or duck for an incoming missile... that is always pretty miserable.

Sabine Mondestin

Few years ago when I wasn't really speaking English,I had an audition for guest staring role ,I was so nervous ...Since I am French I practice my American accent. The Casting director did not realize I was French so decided to start chatting with me ... I forgot my English ...I was not able to make two sentence in English .Know I am better but trust me...I was embarrass

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