Acting : My agency let me go, help! by Nathan T. Esser

Nathan T. Esser

My agency let me go, help!

I was supposed to get an exclusive contract since I was originally in a non exclusive contract. They decided not to renew my contract at the last minute due to having to get a certain number of people. I'm so devestated. Help!! Please!!!

Tony Fisher

Did they give you anything in writing to say you would get an exclusive contract? if they did you may be able to challenge them on it. If not then sadly I don't think theres much you can do except more on. Good luck

London Moquin

remember is any film your work on it like a casting call there times when you get something then theres times where you do not sorry if this is rude or any and things can happen as well

Nathan T. Esser

I do have an email saying they would give me one.

Nathan T. Esser

I know Jim, it is a bummer, and I'm trying my best to get out of this situation but just thought I needed the extra help.

Patricia Poulos

Have faith. Something will, come along. Just hang in there.

Rick Jey

Always remember..."there is more than one fish in the sea"! What you lose may be a gain for another agency. No sweat!! (Rick Jey)

Ethan Marten

Wishing you all the best of luck, Nathan.

Richard Gustason

Sorry to hear that agency did that. But you can still get work without it while looking for a new agency. And talk with friends and see if they can give a good word to their agency. That's all I got bud. Hang in there.

Tegan Elyssa Harris

If you push them to keep you, you could end up with a contract with an agent who then does nothing for you. Better to find someone who is excited about promoting you :-)

Sam Borowski

Nathan, my advice to you - coming from an experienced writer-director and a producer, and someone who has taught an acting workshop (now twice-monthly) for seven years (please check out my BLOG here on STAGE 32 on 10 things actors need to avoid, posted this past Monday) - would be to be more proactive. NOT to worry so much about management, and instead concern yourself networking with TALENTED Indie writers, producers and directors. Ones that make PROFESSIONAL films with name and character actors, as well as up-and-comers. Those relationships with Indie filmmakers can really help you rise in this business. Saturate yourself in the Indie marketplace and at festivals. (And, if you tell me, you don't believe in festivals, I say 'Lots of Luck to you!' ;) ) Seriously, FESTIVALS and INDIE FILMMAKERS can be the lifeblood of unknown actors! There is a great opportunity to work. Truth is, that most agents and managers aren't really going to help you until you can make some serious money for them. I'm not saying there aren't a lot of good ones out there, but if you went to festivals, networked with INDIE filmmakers, went on Actors Access, Backstage and IMDb for their castings, came here to STAGE 32 and got really proactive, you can do a better job, I believe. I believe it was Wes Craven who said, "You're always your own best agent." Remember that. Stop concerning yourself with management, and start getting more proactive meeting Indie Filmmakers. SATURATE YOURSELF in the marketplace by getting cast in Festival Films and Indies with distribution. Check out my BLOG and make sure you're doing "The Bare Minimum." That is my advice to you. GOD BLESS, Onward and Upward ... and Stay Fresh! ;)

JD Hartman

You had an agency, not an agent. What kind of work did they find you? Print? Speaking roles? Voice over? Or was it mainly extra or background work? An exclusive contract would have worked in favor of the agency, not in your favor.

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