Success Stories: APR'22 My first acting credit

Tony Fisher

My first acting credit

Hi all, so I know this wont mean much to everyone but I am really pleased and proud to be able to say that I have just got my first acting credit Thanks to everyone that offered their support and tips.

Tony Fisher - IMDb
Tony Fisher - IMDb
Tony Fisher, Actor: Follow the Plan. Tony Fisher is an actor, known for Follow the Plan (2017) and Hello Au Revoir (2018).
Lord Graham C Jones

It's a big deal to you Tony. Well done mate. Great achievement to see your name up there. Now for the next one :-)

Tony Fisher

Thanks Graham, I know it's only one credit but it's a real achievement for me.

Cate Carson

Everyone starts somewhere Tony! Keep going :)

Aray Brown

Any accomplishment, big or small is a step in the right direction

Cindy Myskiw

Way to go, and of course it means something. We all had our firsts! Congratulations again.

Tony Fisher

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. Can't wait to see what happens next.

David M. Tribuiani

Tony, congrats and be proud! Awesome, totally excited for you. What a feeling to see yourself immortalized in the IMDB.

Stephen Anthony Bailey

The beginning! Keep going!

Dan MaxXx

awesome bro! Leo Dicaprio started small. look at him now ! best of luck

David M. Tribuiani

Sky is the limit my friend, stay positive!

Izzibella Beau

That's awesome. Tony. It's only the beginning.

Tony Fisher

OK I just realized that this got moved to "success stories" and I didn't think it really qualified. Shows what I know lol. Thanks for all the encouragement and support, its funny as when I told the family their collective response was pretty mute.

David M. Tribuiani

Hey Tony, it all qualifies as success. Do not get it twisted. Typically, in my personal experience that is a normal response from the ones that are closest to. A lot of people are quite negative when a loved one pursues a career in the arts no matter what the nature of the involvement. What I like to do is ask why so negative toward the decision I have made to go after this path. The response usually is you will never make it. That is usually because their thought pattern is based on our intentions to become this superstar actor or what have you. Their thought pattern isn't simply based on the passion, desire, the need to be creative and express yourself. So let them sit idle and shrug it off as a "pipe dream." As long as you are doing what makes you happy and even further what you choose, then I say keep pushin my friend and let no one tell you otherwise. Stay true to yourself, and have no regrets, chances are they will. Congrats again and keep pushin. Best of luck and take care....afterall we can be your extended family here at 32 and drown you with support and positivity, I know I alwayswill;-)

Rosalind Winton

Tony, every journey starts with the first step and everyone has to start somewhere, it's a great achievement and something to be very proud of :)

Tony Fisher

David I couldn't agree with you more, its a shame as its these people you most want to share the joy and passion with. Oh well you cant please everyone and why should you.

David M. Tribuiani

It is quite ironic I must say. I couldn't agree with you more. Take care my friend. Best of luck!

Linda Hullinger

Congratulations, Tony! In regard to family reactions, I sometimes think that if they're not in the creative field themselves, they are not able to fully appreciate the accomplishment as much as we do. I don't think it's their lack of interest as much as just not knowing how difficult it is to reach certain levels of success in this chosen field.

Tony Fisher

Hello Linda, thank you and I think you make a good point. Its only other creatives that can really understand the struggles and achievements we put ourselves through to do what we love. Plus outside of creative circles I think people tend to link success with money.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Oh Tony... so true... my family were more interested in how much money I was getting, then in any success I had. I don't remember they ever came out to any stage plays I was in either, as a matter of fact.

Christie Claymore

Congratulations!! Best wishes!!

J Medina

Awesome, Tony!!! The first of many!!

Rene Jade

Congrats! Every step counts.

Tony Fisher

Thanks again for all the congratulations.. My heads going to get too big for the door. ;)

Georgi Ivanov Nenchev

Congratulations ! Good luck !

Natalie Farst

Excellent news!!! This s just the beginning for ya!!!

Tony Fisher

Thanks again all. I do consider myself to be really lucky in doing alot in a short space of time. Odd thing is now the projects are over I feel a bit lost and low... hoping its only a temp thing.

Vince Jeffers

Congrats Tony on your first of many acting credits.

Courtland Smith


Rosalind Winton

That's brilliant Tony, keep us informed to how it all goes :)

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