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Jackie Sass

Nabbing an Agent

Hello all! My headshots and demo reel aren't exactly what I want them to be, but I'm hesitant to invest more money in these when the agency may want me to market myself differently. Do you make sure your headshots and demo reel are the epitome of perfection before applying to agencies, or do you submit when you can? Thanks Loves! <3

Rob Bane

Hi Jackie, good question. in my experience it depends. I myself have been asked for perfect photoshopped head shots & pro video reels from tiny comedy casting agents and I got the gig on an Oscar winning film(not me the movie

Rob Bane

huh, my message was cut off. email me & will expand.

Ryan McCoy

Jackie...can you give some more context? I.e. where do you live, if in LA/NY, how long, are, etc... I can make time to answer any questions and help you out as best I can. Email me at: Wishing you the best!

John Ellis

Jackie, hi! What you've got is pretty good. Any agent/casting director worth their salt is gonna see the talent you have regardless of the backgrounds, scenery, etc. My only advice would be to try to add scenes with other people, to give a taste of how you react to another character.

Rob Ewing

A good casting agent can see beyond the imperfections. They're magic that way.

Stephen Foster

I always say: use what you got, you can always upgrade.

Jackie Sass

Thank you all for replying to my question! I appreciate your insights!

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