Acting : Name that movie by Richard F Roszko

Richard F Roszko

Name that movie

Traditional epics always grabbed my attention. Have you seen "Casablanca"? The huge number of clichés following that movie is astounding. And you thought the Internet was a thing :) Many many classics steal elements from "Casablanca" - and still persist to this day. But I digress, this is one of my other favorites from all times. What is the name of this movie?

James Welday

It’s from Zulu, right?

Debbie Croysdale

Yeah, I reckon that is Michael Caine in the photo who had a lead role in Zulu.

Richard F Roszko

Yes! It was "Zulu" that propelled Michael Caine into big stardom :)

Anthony Rodriguez

One of my favorite movies. To think, this was an actual event.

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