Introduce Yourself : New to this media by Dana Dupler

New to this media

Dana Dupler I am new to Stage 32 and didn't know that it existed, really excited and appreciate the opportunity to meet with others in the creative fields... 4 minutes ago like ,

Chris Connell

Hi Dana, welcome! Glad to have you here. Quick tip: you may want to watch RB's Blog Videos on how to best use this site to network. This particular page is for Actors, so mostly just actors seeing it here. Use some of the tools to research some directors perhaps and use some of the other methods RB suggests. Get more results from site that way. This page just for actors so not a lot of others in "creative fields" going to see this post. Thanks, and Welcome Dana!

Dana Dupler

Thanks so much for your advice, It's great to have others that are willing to help give direction on how to get the best use of this tool!!

Amanda Toney

Hey Dana, So great to have you on board! I recommend checking out the Getting Started Section as well

Mark Roman


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