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Ken Larson

No actors available.

For being a site that caters predominately to actors, I find it frustrating that almost no one on this site responds to any casting calls I have posted. I have gotten more responses to one casting call on another site for models than all of my castings on Stage 32 combined. So why is this? For the past year I have requested actors for paid jobs on the job boards here. No results. Before that I posted a few and only got a couple of inquiries. Actors, what do I need to do to get actors to want to do some acting??? I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. Granted, not as many as Los Angeles but I have been willing to pay. Not union jobs, I get that, but not all aspiring actors are in the union. Surely there must be some people in The Bay Area that want to do more. By the way, I currently have none posted because I am in-between projects. So tell me, what's the secret?

Jeffrey Patton

I wonder if it may be useful to post not only in the jobs section but also within the lounge as an announcement to go check the job section..

Raymond Zachariasse

I think Jeffrey is right. I am never looking at the jobs board here because it's too confusing. It's hard to see what's paid and what's not. Also the difference between what's professional and what's not is also hard to see. As a screenwriter I am also on the ISA and there all the jobs are nicely placed underneath each other. No profile pictures (which aren't really needed anyways) and an easy selection of latest jobs. On here it is the one feature I am not keen on.

Samar Aditya

Hi Ken, with background in theater, I am starting as a new actor in film/TV industry. Please visit my profile for head-shots and let me know if you would like to see some of my work.

Thank you.

Brendan Burt

Hey Ken. I can only answer for myself. I am more ore less a nobody in NY for all the good it would do you by the Bay. But actors like myself which is to say those of us on the “Submit for BG work & Hope but NEVER ask” search for the all encompassing yet so elusive SAG waiver types have to limited availability to maintain this pursuit and be able to eat solid food. I gave everything I could give of myself and my abilities to the last 3 projects I dedicated myself to. None of them saw more than a Trailer on YouTube. It becomes very discouraging which causes most of us to drift away. But the “Acting Itch” never leaves us alone so we return. And give what we have just to feel like we are doing the one thing we feel we were meant to do. The irony is that there are so many of us willing to give just to keep that dream alive the I’ve often wondered if Ms. Cartieres wouldn’t consider forming the WWWWSAG Unit. (We Wish We Were Sag)But will settle to just be actors when we can. Frequently called away to tend to life’s Administrative tasks like where we live & the needs of our families. We never give up. We just aren’t always available. Best performers I know are not available right now. Life often doesn’t let them do who they are. So we do what we do just to keep that hope from fading into the background further than the “Pedestrian Onlookers” we portray Now that’s Irony for ya.

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

This site focuses on training, especially for writers. five years ago it wasn't like this. I was able to find some actors then here (although many lacked reading comprehension, and thought the character name was my name.)

Anyway, I think the problem is the layout doesn't emphasize the jobs section. It's kind of tucked away.

Shara Ashley Zeiger

Make your projects SAG-AFTRA, and pay people fair wages and you will get responses....

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

I personally got a better response on StarNow, for the UK. Stage32 seems geared more toward screenwriters than actors.

There seem to be a few pros in the blog, but not many who check the jobs pages. I don't think a lot of SAG-AFTRA (or international equivalent) actors look for jobs here.

Irene Georgerian

How do you post your casting notices? As an actress, I would love to respond to casting notices on this site. It would be great if there could be a way that actors can be notified of casting notices on this site. Currently, I use ActorsAccess, LACasting, Casting Frontier and BackStage.

Christian Stamm

Hi Ken Larson, I was shocked when I read your comment... there is someone posting pro-casting calls, and I don’t know about it!! I think the problem is, we are not notified of the castings, and I am not visiting this app often enough. But I will immediately change that!! Unless, Ken, you tell me that now you will post your castings somewhere else..!

Andrew Mondia

If only I was in the US to be considered. I would. I do feel maybe addressing to Richard "RB" Botto and the Stage32 team.. then they can look at ways to increase chances for actors on here to apply to casting with how one is notified. I am in Canada and Mandy is my other alternative at moment. Been a but distant here really. But slowly reverting back.

Amanda Woodhouse

Hi Ken I am in Canada I didn't know you can get submit to casting calls on here I just signed up with this site the end of last year and I'm still learning new things.

JD Hartman

Funny, I thought this site catered more to screenwriters (which I'm not).

Skye Ronelle Ferkingstad Stracke

Hey Ken,

I'm a hard working driven go getter with my happy energetic personality, you'll be happy to work with me. lets collaborate!

Debbie Ward

Hi Ken, As a prior personal manager for actors over the years I used 3 other online casting call sights that were heavy on casting calls and broken down by city and state-I was not aware of this sight back then but would sure use it now for that as well- I joined not too long ago here now that I have evolved into the music end of this industry. I am a songwriter/lyricist with One Stop easy to clear music and and songs in various genre for films,TV, commercials, videos. and more should you need music-

Lady Regina E. Robertson And Lyon B. Skye

I have the same problem. I have posted for actors and crew to connect to me and my studio- nothing. I have better sucess on LinkedIn. No one here seems to want to be hungry for a job in the studio.

Irene Georgerian

To look for work, serious actors go to Actors Access, Casting Networks, Casting Frontier and Backstage.

PJ Edwards

I dont usually see any casting calls worth responding too. Food and Credit doesnt pay the bills.

Carly Santal

Distance maybe? I respond to every casting call in my aerea and sometimes if time and schedules are on my side I am willing to travel at my expense but distance is a factor for sure.

Royce Allen Dudley

Ken, FWIW, when I have had jobs shooting in The Bay ( which I used to quite often), we almost always brought talent from L.A. Ironically, some have been Bay ex-locals who moved to L.A. for more work and go back up for shoots. Bay Area crew is a far deeper pool than on-camera talent on the whole. I am assuming you are shooting NorCal since you list Benicia as residence.

Jim Jordan

Where do you look for upcoming parts in upcoming movies? And what’s the best way for a great actor to get back into the business?

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