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Acting : One-person show development---anyone who thinks they might want to do one by Peggy Fields Richardson!

Peggy Fields Richardson!

One-person show development---anyone who thinks they might want to do one

I am a Southern woman who moved to LA last summer... I have time and again been encouraged to develop a One-Person show.... I have some of the funniest family and Southern stories, and I LOVE storytelling (don't all actors love storytelliing????) In putting together the potential for the show, I'm thinking it would be a great opportunity for three or four of us whose dreams as similar to support each other, share studio costs, fill a theater, and invite a wider range of casting people, agents, etc. Is anyone interested in joining in this? Not so much a collaboration on our respective shows, but a sharing of the expenses and door, positive (productive) feedback, and connections that could benefit all of us. Feedback? Thanks for your thoughts.

D Marcus

Perhaps you could head over to "The Complex" a collection of small theaters and acting classes on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Lot's of one person shows there. support others shows by attending.

Chris Connell

Agree. Hi Peggy. Fellow southerner moved to LA here. The Complex is also in the center of the LA Fringe Festival where several 1 person shows (among others) show every year. Definitely good place to start. You could even look up some of those that showed the past couple years, look up the actors, and ask them questions about putting it together and their experience. I'm sure they'd be happy to share it with you. After all, they in same boat as you, fellow actor just trying to put their stuff out there, only difference is they took some action! Hope this helps! Chris

Peggy Fields Richardson!

Thanks so much, D and Chris. After I posted that (and while I've been ruminating about the show), I got an invitation to a night of one-person shows at The Muse on 8th, and when I went to the online site, it may be exactly what I'm looking for to get my feet wet. I appreciate the input and when I get it all worked up, I hope y'all will come on out and celebrate it with me. Thanks again. p! (aka "The Little Round p!")

D Marcus

One of the greatest things you can do is show support to others doing one person shows. Pay to see them. You want an audience - they want an audience. I go see many shows in small theaters here in Los Angeles (including one person shows) and am always dismayed on how few people there are in the house. Best of luck to you, Peggy!

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