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Alastair Kingon

Online Audition Possibilities

Hi everyone, As an actor based in South Africa, I have been looking for somewhere or a website which posts online audition calls or a reliable online agency (if there are such things). The opportunities for an actor here are very limited so any help isuch appreciated! Thanks in advance, Alastair

Alastair Kingon

*is much

JD Hartman

@ Ak, "The opportunities for an actor here are very limited so any help is much appreciated!", odd comment. Read elsewhere that S.A. has quite a few features shooting there. One Producer/Director has just finished his second feature film in S.A. and is prepping for it's release. I'd suggest you aren't looking in the right places.

Alastair Kingon

@JD Hartman, Many features, unforutnately most of the main roles go to foreigners and the roles we can audition for are difficult to get, for obvious reasons. Everyone says get a good agency but how are we supposed to know which are good and which just look good.

Regina Lee

Respectfully, my advice is for you to keep building your local credentials in your home country. Even if you sent in a great audition video to an international production, the production is almost certainly unable to hire you because they won't have the budget to pay for travel expenses for international hires or non-local hires. Most movies/TV shows budget for "local hires" unless they are casting Above-the-Line stars who must be paid to travel and given a perk package. When an actor has a marketable resume, he/she might consider relocating to a local market where he/she is comfortable. An actor might say, "If I get cast, I will pay for my own travel and hotel." If it's a Union shoot, the Union rules will prohibit you from taking matters into your own hands. That's to protect your rights as a non-local hire and to protect dues-paying Union members who are local hires.

James Murray

Get together with friends and make a short. Put the short on YouTube. Use the short to get together with more people to make another short. Repeat. In 'short', don't wait for people to come to you. Have fun doing what you love!

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