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Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Online Table Reads

Hey Actors of Stage 32!

Just wanted to put out the call again for if you're available to do some online table reads with the scripts from the writers over in The Writers' Room. We're doing one a month and want to try to cast Stage 32 members before anyone else.

Let me know if you're down and I'll add you to the list :)

Mel Pines

Hello there, I am interested to be a part of this TABLE READ. Date and time ?


Stephen Peluso

I can read with a little inflection...IJS...

Henrietta Wolfmountain

Hello Nick

I would love to do some online table reads :)

Beatrice Wong

Hey, Nick,

I'd be happy to do some table read for you.

To help me get in the role, would it be possible to send some information to me prior to the table read; like what the script is about?

My email is:

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Hey thanks all, to be clear I'm just adding your name to a list of potential actors for the writers to reach out to when they're casting for now. There's no current read/roles, but probably some time this week :)

Edward Skirtich

HI Nick-Yes- I'd love to help you with table reads- I'm Ed Skirtich- a writer and actor from Pittsburgh, PA on Pittsburgh, PA TV. Check out my acting resumes. Keep in touch. Thanks- Ed Skirtich

Julius Czar

Hi Nick, I'd like to join the team. I Appreciate the consideration. Be well.

Leslie Ivonne

Hello Nick. I'm very interested and I'd be more than happy to participate!

Ketan Majmudar

I've been involved in a few table reads over the past few months for an audio production company. I would love to participate in these reads.

Tammy Taz Diaz

I'd love to join in! My teen daughter would also be happy to read.

Rosemary Zibart

Actually I could do a table read. And can easily do Southern accent if needed.

Vincent Paterno

I need actors for an Oct. 24 (noon PT, 3 p.m. ET) table read of my romantic comedy "Stand Tall!" It's listed in this lounge.

Beatrice Wong

Hi, Vincent,

I will be happy to do a table read for you. Not good with time zones differences, what is this in BST?

Erick Freitas

Let me know! I'll try and make it!

Edward Skirtich

Hi Everyone- I need an actress for an original script I made for "Top Gun" to play the part of Charlene for a table read on zoom on October 29th at 7 PM EST. Good experience for any actress starting out or want to keep in good shape during the this shut down. Thanks very much. Sincerely- Ed Skirtich

Rae Cofsky

Hello! I’d love to be added to the list for writers to be able to reach out for table reads! Here’s a few links to some of my work: ♥️

Laurka Lane

HIi NIck. I would like to be added to the list for the online table reads. Thanks

Lisa Enos

Sure, I'll do it if it fits in my schedule.

Bill Albert

I've done table reads. If you need an extra person let me know.

Lilo Grunwald-Pearlman

Hello! Just seeing this. I would love to do some table reads.

Mugaya Faisal Uganda

need to join you guys and its my website...

Lydia Kalmen

I just saw this, I'd love to!

Edward Skirtich

Hi Lydia and Bill- Would you ,like to do a zoom table read with me in Pittsburgh, PA at & 7 PM Thursday November 12 th with my written version of "Top Gun" Thanks-Ed Skirtich

Lydia Kalmen

Hi Ed, yes definitely

Edward Skirtich

Hi Lydia- That's excellent. You would play the role of Charlene of a new version I wrote of "Top Gun." I want to help veteran and rookie actors and actresses with skills to improve and stay fresh with acting. Honestly too- I want to help people learn how to read also- and each TV show in Pittsburgh, PA at PCTV 21 I do a "Celebrities Visit PCTV 21" in which I do real life people in American history- George Washington, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Art Rooney, Sr., and Danny Murtaugh plus Doc Emmett Brown from "Back To The Future" and Indiana Jones- "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and so forth. I see your from New York City- I hope I can keep you fresh in your acting with the lockdown you're on. Could you send me your email. Mine is Ed Skirtich Thanks- Ed Skirtich

Mugaya Faisal Uganda

Hey there. I would like to be added to the list for the online table reads and you can email me at:

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