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Joseph Decker


Hello, my name is Joseph and I'm 15. I was recommended to this site by a friend after a brief discussion. My ambitions to become an actor are curbed by the lack of opportunities presented to me, both for practice and representation. What's a good way to start getting attention, and some much needed personal improvement?

Jon Snow

I think Damian makes a lot of great points, so I won’t repeat what he said here. But I would say you should seriously pursue creating your own content. YouTube, Instagram and Instagram tv, TikTok, there are a lot of ways to explore creating your own stuff. You have to be patient with yourself. Give yourself time, space and permission to fail and figure it out as you go. You’ll learn a lot by doing this, but even more importantly, creating your own content helps you find and hone your voice. As an actor, your voice is something that is unique and specific to you, and it will help you set yourself apart as you move through your career. And if you can find your voice at a young age, you will be miles ahead of the game in so many ways. Wishing you the best of luck!

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