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Brandon Clark

Out of Subject Learning Materials

Boys and girls! I've recently (all summer) been reading into a diverse plethora of substantiating writings that don't have much to do with the general subject of performance art. While I did read Stanislavski's 'An Actor's Work,' and some other baseline requirements on systematic portrayals, I have found a lot of experience should come from bringing outside of the performance subjectivity into the mental state to really channel through to new character traits! Right now I'm reading a book from 1947 called 'Gestalt Psychology' by Wolfgang Kohler (Google define Gestalt Psychology). I'm also reading a text dating from 1951 called 'The Philosophy of the Enlightenment' by Ernst Cassirer. These have very advanced terminology, but some sentences really click the mind and expand imaginations of the perceptible reality in which we exist. Surprisingly, a lot of the information is very relevant to this day! So instead of using limitations of a short lifelong sense-memory, why not put some time aside to create new memories and situations to bring to the acting forefront? These new facts add a deeper sense to the 'magic if' coined by Mastermind Stanislavski. No one wants their work to be 'stock and trade.' We all know that commonality of phrasing generally stated being, "Use your life experience and bring that to the table." Well, you know what? Books that stand the test of time are usually an author's life work (magnum opus) and can be read in much shorter amounts of time than it would take to acquire and interpret living through the data yourself. Even Sam Walton (of Walmart) has a book, which is very insightful about his personal philosophy. There's so much to learn! Thanks for reading :) I hope you feel inspired to sharpen that advanced organ of yours. Free will takes skill, Brandon

Amanda Toney

Brandon, this is so awesome of you that share some suggestions for fellow actors! Thank you for this post!

Suzanne Bronson

Yes Brandon thank you. I have posted suggestions too. Besides acting and creative books, I also find great value in psychology books. (I don't like to say self help) but the mindfulness, live in the moment is very relevantrelevant to acting work. I visit the library on a regular basis.

Brandon Clark

Great notes there. I greatly embellish psychological relishing, but overall prefer the philosophical writings. They're a little more out there so-to-speak, but they expand that stretchy imagination into new realms of emotional creativity. Psychological processing is more of a scientific approach to exponentiating its relevance, but that's great too! We need facts to ground our beliefs, so to merge the fields is a great idea to set towards self-awareness. I admire your response. Thanks again for some constructive information!

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