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Acting : Out of state representation by Lana Wohl

Lana Wohl

Out of state representation

Aloha everyone! can you tell me the secret to getting an agent in another state other than the one you live in? I have tried and keep getting rejected because I do not live in that state. Yet I see other actors being represented by many agents outside their home state.

Arbender Robinson

I think it depends on WHERE you live and WHERE you are seeking representation. It also depends on how accessible you are to get to the other state if needed. Glad to help,but need a little more info before I can chime in.

Lana Wohl

Happy Holidays Arbender! I live in Arizona and would like representation in LA and NM. I live close by and have plenty of air-miles :)

Arbender Robinson

Tricky. I would guess the LA representation would be tough unless you have a great

Reel and resume. I do not know much about the NM market. Here in NY we sometimes have under 24 hours between appointment request and actual audition. This gets tricky because sometimes casting and agents cannot then wait for you to secure travel before confirming an appointment.

Now, the if you have friends doing this commuting... I would ask them to recommend you to their agents. Maybe that will help

Lana Wohl

Thank you!

Stephen Foster

I would say focus on finding work where you are instead of trying to bust into a market that is already super crowded. you might find better work locally.

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