Acting : Pick a director by Brandon White

Brandon White

Pick a director

I want to bring up a fun topic to discuss as an actor which director would you be overjoyed to work with if given the choice? I already have some choices I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject

Taylor Hay

Xavier Dolan, Katherine Bigelow, Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Terrence Malik, Christopher Nolan... I could go on and on.

Dave McCrea

cool question... my top 3 would probably be David Fincher, Martin Scorsese and of course Tarantino cause he will give me lots of LINES and us actors love that ha

Brandon White

Scorsese and Tarantino would be my top 2 picks as well I would love to work with Edgar Wright as well Woody Allen would be my dream dark horse pick

Denise Carole

Wow. Only 3? Kathryn Bigelow, David Fincher, Clint Eastwood...

Christel Fine
Jade Cameron Sharp

Not an actor, so my top pick would definitely be Kevin Smith. If I were an actor, I would say the Coen brothers.

Brandon White

I am shocked more people didnt say the Coen Brothers

Rebecca Caldwell

I was definitely going to say Coen Bros, but also Woody Allen, John Favareau and Katheryn Bigelow

Joshua Maislin

Adding David Cronenberg

Dave McCrea

I forgot Alexander Payne and Paul Thomas Anderson, for me the best directors alive
Tony Scott would have been great to work with also, his movies were non-stop entertainment and always had a cool macho kind of vibe to them.
Michael Mann also
Oliver Stone is a genius so he would be high on my wish list
JIm Sheridan cause he's my Dublin homeboy and every time he does a movie one of the actors gets nominated for an Oscar pretty much
Definitely Darren Aronofsky. Plus Steven Soderbergh, Joel Schumacher, as he always lets the actors shine and Jim Jarmusch to get the hipster vote

Dave McCrea

Coen brothers are overrated. Name one great character in a Coen brothers movie... You can't, they're all 1-D. I would kinda like to do a David Lynch flick though just to see what weird shit he would make me do

Brandon White

Wow Dave you made a statement there but The Dude was an awesome character some others that stick are Reagen from Miller's Crossing the ensemble of Fargo and Anton Chigurh of course

Michael Savage Aka Sirtony

What about this Guy...:) here is a testimonial...Blessings

Dave McCrea

Ha, Michael yes you are on my list too!

Suzanne Bronson

Clint Eastwood.

Michael Savage Aka Sirtony

Dave...thank you for the honor...!!! your Network request...done...I posted a bunch of great work to inspire you ...send me any demo reels or I can see it...blessings

Dan C. Corley

Eastwood or Savage

Oddi Diaz

Martin Scorsese is one my favorite director for his creativity and sense of humor.

Dan LaRoy

Spielberg, Tony Scott, arnofsky, James Cameron, and Mel Gibson

Dan LaRoy

Oh and Alfred Hitchcock!

Shari Belafonte Aka Pooch Behrens

A WHOLE bunch, but...Bottom line for me? Wes Anderson

Suzanne Bronson

I would also like to have James Franco direct me onstage. I would have of course said Mike Nichols, RIP.

Kieran C. Herman

James Wan. Definitely Wan.

Xan Aspero

James Cameron

Dan C. Corley

Have worked under and love Famke Jannsen

David A. Bromley

John Waters, he filmed what he wanted to film and you either liked it or you didn't!

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