Acting : Play about John Lennon, RED FLAG? by Izzeanne Morgan

Izzeanne Morgan

Play about John Lennon, RED FLAG?

A group of young actors are putting on a play about John Lennon in my local theatre and I'm not sure if they are allowed to use his early life or his name without some form of license which I don't think they have. do I report it if so how?

Mitch Voiceoveractor Darnell

Generally, if there's money raised, they'll be in big trouble. If this is a not-for-profit venture, they MAY be OK..

Izzeanne Morgan

they make a profit from it. so they are in the wrong?

Mitch Voiceoveractor Darnell

Izzeanne, I've heard MANY stories, time and again, about someone thinking their program/operation is "SO small" and under the radar, that they can get away with using someone's name, likeness, logo.. And they get SUED!! If they profit from it, especially! I'm now an Attorney, but I've been in many situation where people stay away from using other's property.. And yes, John Lennon's name, images, etc. are all the property of his family..

Izzeanne Morgan

ok so it should really get reported then. I just don't know how :/

JD Hartman

@izzaeanne Morgan, are you involved with the project? While do you feel compelled to be the whistle-blower? Maybe they have secured a licensing agreement, maybe not. I would think that the theater would "on top of this", if there was any concern.

Izzeanne Morgan

I am not involved in the project just don't wanna see something done if it is not legal it seems unfair

Regina Lee

I'm not going to get too deep into this query, but there are no life rights for a deceased person so the use might be fine. You can google "life rights deceased person" for more details.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

I have written plays on Mae West ["Courting Mae West"] and other notables. As long as you do not defame the person, the text probably won't get anyone in trouble. Keep in mind that there are living relatives of John Lennon who can step in and sue if they feel the text is libelous.

Mitch Voiceoveractor Darnell

Nice points, Regina and LindaAnn!!

Elisabeth Meier

Well, I agree to Regina and LindaAnn and would like to add the e-mail address of Yoko Ono's representative: Chloe Walsh / . She should be able to tell you what you may do and use and what not. You probably are not allowed to play the music as long as you make any money with your play. Good luck!

Izzeanne Morgan

Its not my play it is a play that people i know are putting on at a local theatre.

Tony Fisher

Have you spoken to these young actors and asked them if they have considered the possibilities of licenses?

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