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Richard Thrift

Posting acting positions in jobs

In pre-production and have Dawna Lee Heising, Jim Krut, John Karyus and Aki Aleong tied to the project. I want to ask for people to apply for roles as well but I don't want to tie people to "gender" "age" "size" etc. I just want people to apply and not even know what to expect other than it is a sci-fi and non-extra roles are running out. I would like to have people apply with acting reels and then I contact those who "speak" to me so to speak. Then have audition calls via Google meet with those selected. But to put each role up etc is somewhat tiresome especially as I am working my butt off on getting the IGG campaign right.

Karen "Kay" Ross

You can absolutely leave those descriptors out, but it won't take away from the work needed to post about it. In my experience, you'd still list it as "open gender", "open age", or "any size". Casting is tiresome, for sure! Can you enlist help from your pre-production team?

Alun D Pughe

Hmm I'm sure you don't mean anything negatively here but your message is concerning.

An actor needs to be aware of what the role they're applying for is so that they can prepare something for you (gender and ethnicity often don't matter). I'm sure you don't but currently your call could sound like you just want a load of videos and photographs to look at. Even worse is the "audition" via Google: how can an actor audition if they do not know what they're auditioning for?

Like I say I suspect this is the wording and not the intention but I'd not want anybody to apply for something so vague.

Steve James

Why? Don't you want specific talents? I, personally, wouldn't go for a role that isn't a fit for me. Sco-Fi voices based around the vocals of a 13 year old girl would be booked that way.

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