Acting : Presenting Rc-Swap - skills for skills or stuff. by Rachel Bown-Williams

Rachel Bown-Williams

Presenting Rc-Swap - skills for skills or stuff.

Presenting Rc Swap Shop Rc-Annie are offering some training courses on a bartering system. Money is scarce, but talent is something money just can't buy. We know that there are plenty of talented people out there who would love to join our courses. Bearing that in mind we are offering two places on any Rc-Annie led course to the best offers. Do you have something to exchange? It's an age old system, it is threaded through our very existence, and began when we began valuing things important to us. Remember Saturday swap shop??? No? How about wife swap? wait, no, nothing like that. back to swap shop. RC-Annie are setting up our very own swap shop. Make us an offer If you have something that you feel is of equal value to a course that you would like to attend make us an offer. Maybe you're a a talented camera person and want to to give some of you time to taking photos or film. A skilled blacksmith who can make us some weapons. A masseuse. Chiropractor, cinema owner, artist, venue owner, teacher of...??? We were open to suggestions. How to do it. All RC-annie led courses are up for offer, two places per course will go the best offer. Also available are fighting form drop in classes next term. Please either email us, write to us on our Facebook page or tweet us with your bartering suggestions. visit our website and click on training - current courses to see forthcoming courses. Email: Facebook page:rc-annie Twitter @rc-annie Our mailing address is:

"R Bown-Williams & R Cooper-Brown have created one of the most heart-pounding sequences in the Globe's history with the final battle between Abraham Popoola's Badvoc. It was edge of your seat (if you'…

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