Acting : Question about Tattoos on Actors..... by Ana Bradfield

Ana Bradfield

Question about Tattoos on Actors.....

Have I out-marketed myself by adding this mural? Thoughts? Opinions?

JD Hartman

It's very nice. In a dress or top , is it visible at all? If no, probably not. Might be some limitation for a role requiring a bare back or shoulder. Or might not. Peoples views have changed.

Ana Bradfield

Awesome thanks! I made sure that it could be completely covered..... I appreciate the comments!! @jdhartman

Thomas Bailey

It will limit you on some commercial stuff (if you can't cover it up) but with that said, people will always be looking for girls with tattoos as well. Long story short, give them a reason to ignore the tattoos... be too talented for them to be distracted.

JD Hartman

There are agencies that specialize in "special looks", but they place talent that's more on the fringe of acceptability. Still might be worth registering with them. You never know.

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