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Isaac Lee Flores

Question on how to start acting career

Hiya fellas!, I'm Isaac and I just registered for stage32 . Well I recently went to a talent scout audition and got some great feedback. And now I've decided I want to be an actor! I have joined backstage as well . I have no experience at this but the talent scout said I had talent. I wanted to see if there is anyone out there who is willing to give me some advice on how I can get started. I see these demo reels and resumes these sites ask for . The thing is I am an employee for fritolay and have no acting history. I am 27 years old and I am hoping I am not too late to become a actor

Gabe Reyes

Hey man, I'm new here too good to meet you. That's great that you got great feedback, I'd say that's an awesome place to start, and no absolutely not 27 years old is not too late to become an actor. Essential things for an actor- Headshots Resume (if you have no experience, get headshots and apply to postings for extras and print-ad jobs. You can find these by checking out the SAG site and looking for extra/print agencies nearest to you and then start applying with your headshots and cross your fingers) Website Business Cards Reel (once the work you've been doing is published and available for you to throw together) I'm based out of Chicago so I'm not sure how many agencies there are in Texas but I would definitely check the SAG website to see where the closest ones near you are. You shouldn't submit without a headshot, most definitely. Anyway, cheers, best to you.

Dorothy A. Atabong

Hey there Isaac, welcome. What would you like to do? Interested in film, tv, theatre, commercials, voice over, industrial ... what would you like to do. Even if you were interested in just one of the above, community theatre is a great place to start. You learn a lot from other actors, it is local, you have fun, and horn you craft. Film .. lot of thesis films and other student films happening several semesters a year. Get on board. Look for casting calls in colleges and universities. Go to -- type sites for casting notices. Also start taking some classes in your area. Make sure you ask around and audit the class before you pay what, usually $250-well 450 for 8 plus sessions. You will find lots of acting classes and lots of coaches, so choose wisely. Read acting books. I studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre so I am into the Meisner Technique. You will find there a several actor techniques and you use what works for you. If you are interested, message me and I will give you a list of books I own. Acting is a business .. I believe there is actually a good book out there I read a while ago 'Acting as a business' Treat is as one. This should start you off. Please ask if you have any questions. Welcome to the crazy world of acting. cheers

Debbie Croysdale

No age is too late to start acting, particularly in Indie, not at the mercy of big studio ageism. Dorothy has said it all, you need to get stuck in, on a physical and mental level. Do classes, and arm yourself with relevant books to read. You will build up experience by degrees, and get rid of the doubt you have now, by becoming gradually immersed in the craft.

Isaac Lee Flores

I want to thank you guys for commenting and helping me out and giving me advice. I will send messages to you. I have questions on what u have giving me

Isaac Lee Flores

I'm going to go ahead and ask here. Gabe -What is SAG? And would I be able to take headshot a with my camera phone or is there a special way to do them? Dorothy thx for the advice . And I will look into these classes and what book helped u the most? As for moving to LA . I was planning to move to LA once someone is able to pick up the payments to my house I'm buying. I thank u all for the advice

Dorothy A. Atabong

Hi Issac. Some books, Sanford Meisner - ON Acting, Uta Hagen - A Challenge for the Actor, Acting as a Business and Michael Shurtleff - The Audition

Gabe Reyes

Hey, Isaac. Didn't get to reading your response until just now. SAG is the Screen Actors Guild, it's the actors union. You can find them here: As far as headshots go, it is best to do them with a photographer but if all you have is a camera phone at the moment, lots of people have had success using a phone as long as there's good lighting and proper sizes. For examples of good headshots, check out: In my opinion, the move to LA is not super important until you at least have a reel developed and a website with photos/videos of your past work. Sorry for the late response bro, keep at it!

Deanna Scott

I you never acted try doing small stage theater in your area for the experience. It helps a great deal and teaches you more than any class you can ever learn from plus a lot of the so called schools just want money and do not send out references and so you are stuck paying money for nothing

Michael J. Citak

depending on what you'd like to do within the acting realm, you can try being an extra. That doesn't take much skill, besides listening and reacting. While on set you can pay attention to how the set works, get your ins and outs while getting paid for it. And if you want to go out for speaking parts- enroll in some acting classes. And watch acting classes online too... YouTube is a wealth of information. Dustin Hoffman's Master Class is a good one, or my favorite is Michael Caine's Acting in Film

Stephen Anthony Bailey

Hey Isaac, Check out my vlog on acting. It's on my profile. It's created specifically for giving new actors tips on getting started the right way. And here's some notes that come to mind. The first thing I want to say to you is that it's never too late to start your acting career. Your location in Texas may make you feel like you are too far away from the industry, however you are very close to Austin which is one of the big cities that movies and TV shows from Hollywood. I would start commuting there if you can. Get involved as a PA and do extra work. Try to get your materials together and find a local agency. (Use Google to research the local agencies near Austin. (Just make sure you don't pay your agent. They get you paid and then they take a 10-15% commission of your pay. Research agency scams so that you know what to look out for.) In this chain of replies there has been a lot of great information. Make sure your demo reel/head shots/resume look professional. If you don't have experience get involved with student films/short films/theater. Extra work does not belong on your resume. If you can get your hands on a camera you can film scenes/sketches/shorts on your own and build your demo reel that way. Even being in Hollywood I still make my own content. I make everything because that's how things work these days. Youtube and Vine are an actor's best friend. Start writing and filming your own content. Study your craft. Learn as much as you can. Michael J. Citak's post is dead on. But I will add that it's best to have in person acting classes. That way a teacher can help you. Good luck! Fear of failure is useless. So scrap it. Just work! Just try! "Pride never helps, it only hurts" Marcellus Wallace, Pulp Fiction

Isaac Lee Flores

Thank you guys for these helpful advice. I've noticed this will take time to do each step but I know this will be worth it!

Abigail Yates

If you can't afford acting classes right now then find other actors willing to run scripts and/or film yourself running scripts so you know how you come across to others. You have to hone your craft to be ready when opportunity knocks. All the information about head shots, resume, theater, extra roles, student films, and agents is very important and good information. I'd like to add to get involved with your local film community. Join meet ups, attend industry events and gatherings, and start learning from others and building those relationships. I agree that you shouldn't move to LA right away, if at all. You have a big market within driving distance. I drive to Louisville, KY and Atlanta, GA when needed, but am actually in the Nashville, TN area (north to south this is a thin state lol). If you eventually join SAG, then you can consider LA if you see that in your future. Break a leg!

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