Acting : Questions regarding an agency called "have a look" by Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh

Questions regarding an agency called "have a look"

Hi everyone I am gonna to join an agency soon it's called "Have a look" agency. It's in Cardiff in the UK. They have chosen me on the basis of my profile and especially my appearance. I love the film industry. I would like to know based on people's experience with the agency if there is frequent casting? Otherwise I wouldn't be in work, trying to do what I want to do creatively. Also I would Really would like to know from actors or actresses who are with the agency how to get your CREATIVE ideas of how you want to be cast across to your agent in a way they would understand? That would really help guys thanks.

Daniel Walsh

True but I've heard of people getting work through there. I am trying to contact them.

Patrick Freeman

I agree with Sean. The same can be said of literary agents, of which there is no short supply, who want money up front. Sad to say but a good rule of thumb is, if they seem to want you too badly you might not want them.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Daniel, everyone has given you good advice. Keep your $$ in your pocket and find another agency. Too many scams out there.

Daniel Walsh

I agree lindann I wasn't gonna sign up to anything without figuring what options I have and asking advice. I might ask about the photography licensing rates Alle, worth trying. cheers guys.

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