Acting : RB's April Challenge (day 3) by Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall

RB's April Challenge (day 3)

I came across this article today on a BFI news feed. Today would've been Sir Alec Guinness' 100th birthday. Whilst many younger Stage 32ers would remember him for his role in Star Wars, it was great to be reminded of these other films. I'd not heard of Tunes of Glory, nor The Scapegoat, but I think The Lavender Hill Mob and The Ladykillers stand out for me. Guinness always amazed me with his ability, I don't want to limit it to technique, but he seemed through his understanding of character, to embody the role with wonderful physical mannerisms. I hope you enjoy the article. Geoff

Alec Guinness: 10 essential performances
Alec Guinness: 10 essential performances
Few people could lay as much claim as Sir Alec Guinness to being the face of British cinema. He was a commanding and welcome presence in film, theatre and television for over half a century, more vers…
Steven Harris Anzelowitz

The man was a legend. I enjoyed all of his work. Thank you for sharing.

Geoff Hall

Thank you Steve, it's always worth celebrating excellence. I've just read your bio, very impressive. I love the creative legacy your family has. Have a great day.

Richard "RB" Botto

A tremendous talent.

Dayna Burnworth

I love Alec Guinness. He had a terrific voice in addition to his substantial talent.

Jackie Sass

Thanks for posting this Geoff! I finally got a chance to read it. I've never taken the time to study Alec Guiness' work as a whole, but now I think I will!

Geoff Hall

Yes, @Jackie, I think my film collection will have to grow a little more. He's definitely worth studying. It's more a case of his total embodiment of the character, of being rather than acting them. Enjoy!

Talus Night

An incredible actor,..thanks for sharing

Geoff Hall

Thank you @Talus. How are you doing?

Tina Goldsack

awwww I love Star Wars! I am doing a room for my little boy are in Star Wars stuff. And I a part of the StarWars 501st legion here in Vancouver BC. Here is my girly Legacy storm trooper costume!

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