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Cylinda McAlister

RE: Demo Reel

I am a Actress building her resume and need help with my demo reel I have a download of some work I did and need help just saving my parts and have not been able to figure it out. I have a small budget for this and need someone from the Seattle area to help me with this or refer me to someone. Thank you all so much. Cylinda McAlister

Richard "RB" Botto

Cylinda, can you give a little more detail in what you're trying to accomplish? In particular, when you say that you need help "saving my parts"? Are you just looking for a quality editor?

Cylinda McAlister

It was sent thru dropbox and I downloaded it to my computer and I want to make a reel but I don't know how to save only my parts that I played. I'm building my resume for acting, and I want be able to add it to my profile as well. I have an agent now an also want to give her a copy of it. Thank you. I don't know a lot about this kind of stuff I am willing to learn, I am two hrs from Seattle WA. I can meet with someone if they can walk me thru it.

Jorge J Prieto

Cynthia, like RB, asked, I think you are looking for an economical company that can edit your work into one single reel with the names of the films or plays at the beginning of each of the scenes you are in. Try Google search Editors in Seattle. Hope you find someone here on. S32, great talent here.

Cylinda McAlister

Thank you Jorge, I will look into that.

Jorge J Prieto

Always here to help, when I can. Thank u, for your gratitude.

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