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Allen Clark


I am a playwright, director and producer in theater and I was just curious as to what is the min and max rate for non Union actors in theater?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

I'm not sure myself, but maybe someone in my network does - any theater actors?

Richard "RB" Botto

Think it's different by region, but here's an overview:

Regina Lee

Non-Union minimum = zero dollars. If a small theater can't pay a salary, they might, for example, give you a bus pass in NYC or a $20 gas allowance in LA. AEA - as RB said, it varies by local agreement. To my knowledge, no maximums exist for either Union or Non-Union. How can you cap what Hugh Jackman makes on Broadway? I don't think you can.

Regina Lee

I'm not an actor, but I support local theaters. Last year in LA, this was the talk of the town: Actors voted 2 to 1 to REJECT wage increases because they could put small theaters out of business.

Allen Clark

Regina I remember and read that and I'm trying to map that to hear in Philadelphia.

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