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Hello all by asking the question you are all going to know i am brand new but here goes......what exactly is a reel and how does one go about getting one? Thank you all. When you can collect your self from laughing at me please reply. Lol.

D Marcus

An acting reel (also called a demo reel) is a collection of scenes showing your acting range. Usually three or four minutes a good reel will have several clips from different movies or plays you have been in. Some reels will be a monologue or two. Use Google and type "acting reel" and the name of your city and you'll find people who put reels together. Right here in Stage32 there are actors posting their reels and people who will edit or shoot one.

Stephan Roux

D said what I was thinking. Follow his instructions.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

"How do you go about getting one?" Easiest way is to get attached to a local 10-minute play fest. Short play festivals audition for local talent. Bonus: you get to appear (quickly) in many diverse projects. Hire your own camera crew; have them attend a dress or tech rehearsal with you. In one weekend, you could have short clips from half a dozen plays! Good luck to you.

Patti Nedham-Valero

LindaAnn Loschiavo I think I love you. Lol. I love your insight in making making my Reel a reality. A great plan and thank you for the fantastic advice.

Patti Nedham-Valero

Thanks to you also D Marcus.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Patti, many thanks for your courtesy! People often take time to answer queries and the individual who started the post never even responds. You're grand! You will get far! Post your reel on Stage32 when you get it! Best of luck!

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