Acting : Rehearals: how do you do yours by Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher

Rehearals: how do you do yours

Hi all Im looking into the different methods people use when trying to rehearse their lines, myself I like to listen to some music while I go through my parts. What ways/methods have others used when rehearsing?

Barbara Minerva Vogelgesang

I find it helps me memorize lines better when I also have the blocking.

Chris Connell

I walk around saying them on my own. Something about the walking and talking helps me. Then i have my neighbor (non actor) come over and be my reader. Nice to have non actor because I have no pressure to "perform". I can just play, create, try new things :)

Jorge J Prieto

I record the scenes I'm in and listen and repeat. It's like Meisner technique's , word repetition. Good luck, buddy.

Jane Drake Brody

Memory Theory would say that moving while memorizing is the best method. I also recommend trying to physicalize the images/nouns in the piece. Never memorize with interpretation, it hinders spontaneity, so memorize with very little voice or emphasis.

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