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Clint Pardue

SAG-AFTRA membership.

It is my understanding you can become SAG-AFTRA eligible after three days of background work on a SAG-AFTRA production. Is that three days in the same production or can it be on varied productions? Does becoming a SAG-AFTRA member preclude you from doing indie and student films?

Kyle Hester

It is easy for the producer to get a SAG contract for student films. Their are also many contracts for Indie film producers to choose from.

Nick Hoffa

It's three days total, one, two or three productions, doesn't matter. But it is a little trickier than that - production has a daily quota to fill of SAG background people. only if they fail to meet the quota do they hand out vouchers. OR they need you specifically (you've got a red car, they need red cars/ you were prominently in a scene one day, the next day they need to see you for the smaller shoot). It can also just be a up to a very nice first AD. Once you get the three vouchers you don't have to join. You are in a happy place of being SAG-eligible, able to join at any time if you are hired on a union gig, but able to do non-union films until then. And Kyle is right, SAG has many contracts for smaller projects. Unfortunately many of them prefer to go non-union. hope that helps

Terka Hemp

Very helpful.Great question

Suzanne Bronson

Great answer, @Nick Hoffa. Yes, it's 3 days total, but you do not necessarily need to get them in a row. Don't be deceived. I got my first one in a couple of months and than it took 2 years to get the next 2. And that was only b/c I got lucky and was a regular on a series where they couldn't bring new people in who hadn't been seen before. And yes now I am in the happy place of SAG E. Which means agents will consider me b/c one job will pay the fees, and yet I can still work NU. So don't be in a hurry to join -especially if you don't have credits. That will kill your career before you start.

Suzanne Bronson

BTW, AFI student films use SAG actors and IATSE crew.

Dan LaRoy

There are two ways of becoming SAG eligible. 3 union vouchers which means they are paying you sag rates and you are filling out a sag voucher. Generally you get those when a SAG background actor doesn't show up because they have to use a certain amount. Not often. The other way is to get cast in and have a speaking part in a SAG film... and the easiest way of all hire a film maker to make a SAG webseries and cast you in it. it costs money but it's the quickest way for sure.

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