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Nitin Shashindran

Scammer Alert


Vinay Maheshwari is a con out in there in the market, primarily targeting film makers. He is a big fraud, absconded with our money after promising investments for films in 2015. Me and some of my friends lost our money. He forged us into paying upfront amount by calling it as a processing fee. Since then he was absconded, until I saw his post in an investment group yesterday. I thought of dropping this because I don't want you guys to go through the same. No matter what DON'T FALL FOR THIS BULLSHIT. Not just him, if anyone ask you to pay upfront money to give you the investment, don't go that way!





Best Regards,

Nitin Shashindran

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Karen "Kay" Ross

Is Vinay on Stage32?

Diana Martinez

OMG I’m so terribly sorry to hear about that. Thank you so much for giving us the heads up. Sincerely praying that you will find a good lawyer so you can get your money back

John Ellis

Nitin Shashindran, these guys show up pretty regularly on S32 (who get rid of them very quickly). Hard lesson to learn, but a good one: never pay anyone upfront for "funding."

Nitin Shashindran

Karen "Kay" Ross Maybe, Maybe not! But, I found it very necessary to inform our community here.

Nitin Shashindran

Diana Martinez I am not running after for the recovery of that money since it was me being naive and desperate to make films. I consider it as sheer loss, but really cant waste time behind such worthless people.

Nitin Shashindran

John Ellis Indeed! If someone is asking money before investing in my business, I find very suspicious.


Harry Dzumhur

I am sorry to hear that Nitin. I adressed this issue in one of my earlier post on Stage 32

I will post it again:


If you ever meet someone who says raising $250k for your film is not a problem then run as far as you can in the other direction.


There are a lot of (internet) scammers out there. One good e-book I just bought and recommend is from Steven Rumbelow, Framing the illusion/ Kindle edition. Listen to what he has to say about this topic: " A few years ago, I was partly instrumental in bringing down an international film financing scam that was draining companies dry in Canada, the US and France. The first scam I cut my teeth on was a LOC (Letter of Credit) out of Los Angeles and then another scam professing to represent the Saudi Royal Family".

Nitin Shashindran

Harry Dzumhur Thank you for the awareness.

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