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Ciara Sherry

Showreel Advice?

Hi Guys, I'm after putting my first showreel together but I've only got two short films and one self-taped monologue to include. My thinking is that I should do more films to get some more material before I create one, but can anyone let me know if it's worth creating one with what I've got so I at least have a showreel? Thanks, Ciara

Tristen MacDonald

Yes, create it now. Don't get it done by a big expensive company as you will hopefully be adding to it soon. See if you can learn to edit it together by learning through youtube, or having a friend do it. If your reel is showcasing good work, then it can get you that next job to add to it. However, if the little you have does not show you in your best light, it's better to wait. Hope this helps.

Ciara Sherry

that's great, thanks a lot Tristen :]

Tara Leigh

I've put together a reel for my teen daughter just from two short films. As long as they are good quality and show good acting, yes, put them together in a reel <1 min. Having a reel helps a lot, I think. I've read NOT to put monologues on but that's up to you. Then, once more stuff comes in, add them in and edit it down, but yes, in our experience two clips is enough! Good luck!

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

As someone who works on low budget films and has occasionally been involved in casting, I'd say create what you can now but look for ways to be able to revise, add or remove material, as easily as you can. Also based on show reels I've seen in the past, I'd suggest using the 'less is more' approach. That is , to the degree possible, hit the high spots and omit as much as you can without compromising your performance.

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