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Tony Fisher

Showreel companies

Hi all So like most people in entertainment I have been trying to get material to put a showreel together, which at present is easier said then done. I found out there are actual showreel companies that can create scenes for you to act in and they will then put it together for a reel. People I've spoke to have had a mixed reaction, some say it's a good idea, my agent on the other hand is dead against it, I would be interested in hearing others opinions on he idea.

Dave McCrea

Do it. I got a part on Daredevil because of it. As long as the company makes a decent product - lighting and sound have to be very good. It would show you acting, right? So it's better than nothing! My agent here in NYC encourages it and in fact sends out emails every month telling us to make our own material

Rebecca Caldwell

My agent is all for it, and the agency reps Cate Blanchettso I'm going to do it

Tony Fisher

Hey, yes this was my thought. I think my agent is worried about the quality which I can understand. Its just not as easy as some think to get material for your reel.

Tony Fisher

This is an example showreel from a chap I have talked to about making mine Be great to get your feedback.

Andrea Ruschin

Hey Tony, my first thought from that example you linked is there's no way a casting director is going to actually be interested in it. It takes 25 seconds for us to actually see his face, and that's way too long to expect someone who needs to go through potentially thousands of submissions to wait. You should also be trying to put your strongest clip right at the top of the reel, so you come out swinging with your talent. If you do decide to move forward with this company, take some time to look at the reels of other actors you respect and see what works and what doesn't for them, and try to have that replicated rather than this.

Tony Fisher

Hi Andrea, thanks for the reply. As it stands I dont think I will be going forward with it for the time being. The Showreel companies in the UK dont seem as polished as the US ones.

Daniel Martindale

Do you guys know of any showreel companies in Atlanta?

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