Anything Goes : Sitcom Binge Fantasies by Brandon White

Brandon White

Sitcom Binge Fantasies

I am watching Modern Family and I am fantasizing about being a show this funny and well written. Am I the only one that does that?

Brandon White

I had a feeling I wasn't alone and its so diverse that gets me excited to be on it more

Brandon White

What makes you say that?

Lina Jones

I think that's every actor or actress dream Good luck with yours.

Brandon White

I couldn't have said it any better myself Sherline

Brandon White

I agree I judge off of the same criteria I actually want to watch things that are nothing like my life so I can exposed to something new. American Beauty is the furthest thing from my life experience but I love that film. Also I mean as an actor do people fantasize like that I think people are getting lost in the show I picked to illustrate that example a bit.

Brandon Koots

my god! This is my favorite comedy! I always wanted to be on this show. Indeed the storyline and the people. They all just make it awesome.

Suzanne Bronson

I didn't start watching Modern Family until it was in syndication. And I really, really love it. Since Friends I haven't found a sitcom so relatable and hilarious other than TBBT.

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