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Michelene-Philippe Heine

Social Network Phobia

As an actress...(I still like to think of myself as an actress, despite the lack of any high profile credits at present and of course having to fit in with social equality and being referred to as an 'actor') I realize the importance of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, to name a few...yet, I find myself running in the opposite direction and I seem to have grown a strong aversion to log onto what most people can't seem to live without. Perhaps it's my incapability to make mundane stuff sound cool. Or perhaps I've just never been great at self promotion, having been brought up in a strict religious household where egos were exorcised to the nether regions - and I am referring to Hell here (just in case any of you were wondering...) So, it's led me to I the only alien in this world of cyber blogging or are there others that understand my plight and could offer some constructive advice or mutual understanding?

Sean Bennetts

Nice to see some things never change.. this is a ghost from the past Sean Bennetts from South Africa Johannesburg. Miss you little sis. xxx

Ken Koh

You're not alone. I don't do any of that. I'll let the early founder of Google and Facebook Roger McNamee explain - "The executives at Google and Facebook are good people but the unintended consequences of their well-intended strategy is causing enormous harm to society, to democracy and to the economy."

Kevin Carothers

Hi Michelene-Philippe,

There are hundreds of other social media sites other than the instagrams/facebook/twitter genre.

Try lurking around on a little. Lots of known actors/writers/scientists, even self-proclaimed witches and mystics... Speaking in a very sincere and knowlegable manner.

You might just find a home there. They have a strict "be nice be respectful" policy. BUT I'M NOT ADVERTISING THEM.... IT'S JUST AN EXAMPLE. I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THEM. It's more of an "example" than anything else.

But, if you're feeling adventurous, there's hundreds - try looking around at the (current) list on wikipedia of social media sites and seeing if anything is to your liking;

There's also - but you have to pay for that one, but maybe the bulletin board is free? Again, I don't have an affiliation with them.

Caity FitzGerald

I totally understand how you feel. I deleted my facebook and instagram and only use twitter but I don't really do much there except retweet and lurk. I have an aversion and disliking of social media and I spoke with Bonnie Gillespie about it a long time ago when I was considering deleting my facebook and she said that some actor's branding is off the grid. I feel that my branding is partly about authenticity in which I prefer face-to-face and genuine interactions. So being off social media works for me. A lot of people say that you need to have an audience or casting directors won't take a chance on you but that's not true. Here's more on what Bonnie has to say and I hope it eases your mind.

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