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Jackie Adragna

Some advice

What can I expect from an improv class? And has anyone taken any classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade NYC?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

My Uncle Hy Anzell(IMDB) & my cousin Gary Craig(IMDB) took many types of acting classes over the years. I have heard that name mentioned around the Thanksgiving table over years past. However, I have no experience with them as I am the family screenwriter. I am the third generation of a New York Show Business family of Actors, Musicians,Voice Artists, Directors and Producers. That dates back to my Grandfather Louis B. Anzelowitz in 1916 when he started as a waiter at a famous New York Show Business restaurant called Moskowitz & Lupowitz. I answered your thread because 1) You seem to be in NYC. I am in NYC. and 2) The final draft of my script "Hope Saves Manhattan" will be ready for pre-production within a few months. I have most of the cast & crew on stand by(waiting for $$) However, There are a few female roles that have not been cast yet. So, If you are interested, Go to my profile page here at Stage 32. If you click on log lines you will find the 96 page Celtx formatted script. If you like the script and my background is comfortable for you. Than add me to your network so we can private message about it. One more thing I am "An Actors Director" of the Woody Allen school. My Uncle Hy Anzell(IMDB) did over a dozen movies with him. And yes I have met him. Let me know. Oh one more thing: If you rather communicate by email::

Sidney Flack

I have no experience with the group you ask about. But, you should expect a good improvisation class to help you to live truthfully in the moment. Don't go to a class that is just comedy, unless that is the skill you're after. An improve class should focus on all types of scenarios. The purpose is to help you approach any script as though you are in the scene for the first time, no matter how many times you have done it.

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