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Heidi Schussman

Table Read

Hello Actors,

Not sure if you are interested in participating in an unpaid table read of my screenplay Piratessa, but I'm gathering a small group of actors from around the world to do a read. The object is to showcase both my writing and your acting skills. Are you interested?

Either PM me or answer here. You can always go to my profile and check Piratessa out (drama/action).

Margarita Zhitnikova

requested you so I can DM :) congrats on finishing your screenplay!

Heidi Schussman

Thanks margarita, it's actually last year's model :D

My most recent script is a Christmas movie, The Legend of the Toymaker.

Fitz Houston

Hi Heidi! I would be interested in your table read. Please let me know.

Heidi Schussman

Excellent, I'll add you to my network.

Tasha Lewis

I'm interested.

Heidi Schussman

Okay Tasha, I'll add you to my network so we can PM. :)

Ken Moretti

I am thrilled to be working with you, Heidi, on the Piratessa virtual table read project! Networking underway for the right talent to bring this script to life!

Sherryl Despres

I'm interested!

Tasha Lewis

Thank you Heidi for including me in the Table Read.

Wendell Kinney

If this is still happening, I'm interested. PM me with the the details. You can view more of my work on my profile and at

Heidi Schussman

Sherryl and Wendell, I will connect with you and PM you the details. It will be on May 13th. Thanks for your help.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Heidi Schussman ! What a great idea! Keep us posted on how this goes! Honestly, we kinda lucked out with being forced to figure out group meetings online and how to record them - now long-distance table reads may be part of the new normal! HA!

Heidi Schussman

Thanks Karen! Please give us tips on how to do this... We're just winging it. We're going to try Zoom. I mean, come on, millions of people use it. We should be able to figure it out. :)

Karen E Ross

Heidi Schussman Do you have a date in mind? And do you have a director on the day? At the very least, if I'm available, I can set up the Zoom and moderate it as a producer. Then you and the actors can decide how you want to screen it after that.

Heidi Schussman

Karen, We have set the date for Wednesday, May 13. The time is 4:00 pm EST (7:00 pm EST). It's a 110 page script. It will probably take a little over two hours with breaks.

I wish we had a director, but we don't at this point. I would appreciate your help setting up Zoom and if you can be there that would be amazing.

My email is Please contact me so I can include you in the planning.

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