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Talent Management

Can anyone recommend any books or articles for someone representing their first talent? Or first steps to take to be a talent manager? Thank you

Tomasz Mieczkowski

I must admit I never saw anything like it, but I'd say to be careful with buying outdated books. Times are changing and with it a lot of books published before 2013 or 2012 might already be obsolete. Although some things never change. Why not try and reach out to some of the talent agents on the site?

Michael Wearing

Interesting question. It might be worth seeking out a relevant biography. I think there may be rules your side of the pond over who can be an agent. I don't think we have any such rules here. If we have agents on s32 it certainly might be worth writing the book.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

I am currently seeking for representation as a voice over artiste/actor. Below are the links to my demos. If you are interested, and request for my other demos, CV/Resume and or photo, please, email at I look forward to hearing from you.

Lesa Babb

I was the chief talent recruiter for an internationally revered hospitality company for seven years. I co-founded an agency which I promptly sold to a founding partner, because our management styles were at odds. You know what they say about a divided house... (will not stand.) The business languished but the relationship flourished as our careers took alternate paths. What I learned is... sometimes it pays to listen to your intuition. For me, the value of the long term relationship outweighed the potential for short term gains. Recently another colleague handed me Dennis Perkins' 'Leading At The Edge'. It's a phenomenal book about leadership, regardless of which part of the biz you are/want to be in. It speaks to collaboration in a high stakes/ high stress environment. Before you embark on your own literary excursion, skim the table of contents. You may also find it is worth checking out. See the link to an interview with the author, for your consideration, below. Hope this helps!!

Regina Lee

An early step to take would be to build relationships with employers; it's these employers who will hire the talent you start to represent. In other words, you're the conduit giving your clients access to employment opportunities. You're the one talking to employers, getting the skinny on what they're looking for, making introductions, and connecting employers to talent. You're the one providing your clients with insider info you've extracted from employers, and this insider info will allow your clients to book the jobs they are up for. You're taking a commission because you're opening doors for your clients and prepping them to excel in auditions/meetings. You're the one conveying your understanding of the employment market to your clients and helping them to get work in that market. Oftentimes, talent reps work as agents-in-training or managers-in-training under established execs to build their skill sets and networks. With a web of relationships in place, you will have a clearer idea of what employers are looking for, and you can pass that strategic info along to your clients, providing them with specific career guidance to get them hired by employers.

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