Acting : The 10 Commandments of Being a Good Actor by Tammy Hunt

Tammy Hunt

The 10 Commandments of Being a Good Actor

I. Thou Shalt Not Settle

Too many actors settle for being good when they have the potential to be great.

II. Thou Shalt Not Lose Track of the Big Picture

Actors tend to fixate on short-term details, like finding a good agent and getting the perfect headshot. That’s fine, but the career path you choose will be determined by your long-term goals.

III. Thou Shalt Learn How to Network

Knowing how to meet and interact with industry professionals is an essential skill.

IV. Thou Shalt Be Realistic

When you’re just starting out and you don’t have many credits, don’t ask your agent to get you an audition for the lead in a network pilot. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, but you can’t lose yourself in the clouds.

V. Thou Shalt Learn to Shut Up

Actors spend way too much time listening to the sound of their own voice. Try keeping quiet every now and then, especially when you’re talking to people in the industry. Who knows? You might actually learn something.

VI. Thou Shalt Question the Source

Don’t believe everything you hear. You know the actor in class who’s half as talented as you but claims he booked a pilot? He’s lying. The guy’s actually doing a Web series that his girlfriend is financing with the money she made dancing at Crazy Horse.

VII. Thou Shalt Learn to Say No

You don’t have to jump on every opportunity that comes your way. I’m talking about the manager who lives out of his car and wants to sign you. I’m also talking about that nonunion film that expects you to perform full frontal nudity.

VIII. Thou Shalt Take Chances

You took a huge risk when you decided to become an actor. So why not keep that daredevil spirit alive as you pursue your career?

IX. Thou Shalt Be Mentally Healthy

Rejections aren’t personal. Your ego doesn’t control your life. And strangers do not have the power to crush your dreams. (Only you can do that.)

X. Thou Shalt Get a Life

Never put life on hold for your career. If acting is based on life experience, how can you be a great actor when you have no life?

- Secret Agent Man

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Sam Sokolow

This is sage advice, Tammy. Thank for sharing with the community!

Sasha Tomas

Thanks Tammy Hunt Sage words! I think this one is underrated but so important III. Thou Shalt Learn How to Network

Knowing how to meet and interact with industry professionals is an essential skill.

True story. I was BG on a Blumhouse film and I spoke to everyone, on downtime of course, and with respect. I got to speak with the main Actors, Directors and Producers. Just being my authentic natural inquisitive self, even got great advice. They liked me so much that I got to come back as a stand-in. :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Holy hell, I wish I had this when I was doing theater in NY. Would have had this taped to my mirror. Love this share, Tammy. Keep 'em coming!

Leonardo Ramirez

Great stuff for writers as well. Love it.

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