Your Stage : The Life: Ballerina Teaser by Jessica Devlin

The Life: Ballerina Teaser

I'd love some feedback if you can all check it out! I'd really appreciate it - thanks so much!

Ingelbert Lievaart II

I loved it. Great details in the shots and the sound really took me in to that store. But the actress is what broke my heart. You really made it so believable Jessica! Wow!

Norman William (Welthagen)

Holy crap that was great! you are very talented.

Paul Sumares

Fabulous work, Jessica. And the whole piece, to me, is that perfect example of how to say a tremendous amount, with few words, a small budget, but big hearts and real talent. I hope you get a lot more work. Truly. ~Paul

Norman William (Welthagen)

Jessica I'm curious. The focus on the shop name, the brands like Red Bull. Were these Product Placement in exchange for funding?

Norman William (Welthagen)

Oh. And what the hell was the shopkeepers problem? I'd pay for that!

Veronica Lester

YES JESSICA the acting was great and on point and great timing. The costumes were very appropriate and made the scene more realistic. I love the part where you stop and look at the ballerina and had a moment of reflection. That part is very realistic to life itself as many of us lose or what to accomplish things in life and often find what we are looking for or has lost sitting on a store self. The Teaser is very exciting and the full story should be just as great. Good luck Jessica,you got what it takes to be a good actress.

Allan Webb

Wow. I loved this. The reaction to the ballerina music box was great.

David M. Treadway

Jessica, I watched your scene and was so intrigued I watched the pilot scene as well. First of all, excellent performance. You had me tearing up. I loved the emotion. Raw and believable. Second, this is beautifully shot, acted, paced/edited, etc. I love the awareness this series is raising. Excellent work by all.

Jessica Devlin

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I really appreciate it :) Its an awesome cause and I'm really happy you all enjoyed it.

Harry W. Walters

The comments above express my feeling as well...good work Jess! I think you have a bright future ahead. Good Luck!

Shirley Nishimoto

Other than the product placement, the production values are really good as is the performance :-) However, the concept itself was a bit confusing and needed tweaking .

Paul Sumares

Again, the acting was great. But I agree with Shirley in one aspect regarding the clarity of the concept: I only fully understand the impact of the scene where she's reacting to the ballerina music-box after it is clear she is a prostitute who's pimp is responsible for the injuries we saw earlier. It worked to suspend me with regard to my wonder at where these injuries came from up to that point, but to suspend my understanding of the music-box scene until after it happened was taking too much away from me, I felt. If it were possible to get the full impact on the first viewing -- perhaps by rearranging the events a little -- I think I would have liked that better. But boy ... on the second watching! And Jessica, your final shot after running out and settling down with your "prize" was just superb. I'm so envious of what you actors can do!

Johanna Marshall

Very well done.....I was teary eyed myself..........and I'm a hard person to get that kind of reaction from off the I commend you Jessica......Ioved it all!!!!!

Jeffrey Apostol

Well made. Even with no dialogue in the beginning, the story told itself with subtle imagery and action. In the end, we were all snapped back to reality with the cash register clerk and the phone call... A teaser that effectively teases. Kudos to the actors as well (especially the lead).

Gabriel Rizzo

Great trailer and acting ;)

Mara Lee Gilbert

Really important work to get get out there and beautiful job! I'm definitely interested to see the series!

Tek Doko

Acting WAS GREAT!! Cinematography was great. Loved the story, although youre left for the first two minutes wondering "Where are they going with this?". The product placement had nothing to do with the story and could have been left out which could have sped up the short. I love how the prostitute just for a second feels like a little girl when she sees the ballerina and we cant help but wonder what her dreams were and what happened that she ended up a prostitute. It was a great watch, but some more editing leaving it around 4 minutes would make it better and a little faster.

Bella Tone

Great acting, from Jessica and the shop keeper and the pimp on the phone. I liked the way the story unfolded to show, not a hero, but someone you root for despite how totally wrong she is in her actions.

Jason C. Bair

This talented young lady Jessica Devlin, looks so familiar? I think I've seen her as the lead female in another trailer :) good stuff Jess as always. Such a true talent, it's only a matter of time for you girl...,

Richard Torres

thats GREAT WORK!! i love the scene with you looking at the ballerina...

Andrew Flynn

This teaser was excellent. I can tell you have range as an actress and look forward to seeing the series very much. Kudos!

Vic Alexander

Very impressive. If you were in LA I'd ask you to do the Woman at the Well.

Edward Llewelyn

Said so much by saying so little, essentially what film is all about, series of pictures. Well done Jessica, look forward to seeing more. I'm a UK based actor & curious to know how you got this gig, audition? network or people you knew? Interesting to find out. All the best.

Kelly-Marie Murtha

wonderfully shot-strong acting-raw emotions that leave the viewer wanting to know what happens to the character - you have pulled us into the story in a very short period of time - well done - looking forward to seeing the whole film.

Beka I Am

NICE WORK...and how you got the money out without the lipstick falling out is beyond me! {unless you rem for the shot previously!}

Allan Webb

I disagree with Paul. It became clear to me that the character was a prostitute as soon as you start seeing her various bruises/cuts/scrapes, etc. In fact, I thought the phone call with the pimp was unnecessary to establish that fact. You already had the physical marks and the dialogue with the store clerk ("I know what you do") that established her profession.

Chris Thrower

Hey Jessica, great to watch....very poignant.

Paul Sumares

@Allan, when I saw the bruises I did not assume "pimp", but simply "abusive home/boyfriend", and her outfit did not blatantly speak "prostitute" to me (perhaps I haven't encountered enough of them) ... it is true that the store clerk's statement makes it more clear. But Allan, that line comes after we have already heard her conversation on the phone, not before. Check it again.

Paul Sumares

Another nice detail I haven't seen mentioned here yet ... did anyone catch the significance of the bar code tattoo shown on the girl's back, along with the name "Romeo"? This says so much, because first of all she is in a store buying products that make her feel more beautiful. And yet here she is, branded like a product herself -- and indeed treated that way -- by a person who, as we know from observing other commentaries about pimps and prostitution, pretends at least at first to do everything he does for the girl because he "loves" her (thus the Romeo reference). Quite a piece of artwork, huh?

Allan Webb

Paul, the line makes it clear whether the phone call happens or not. The order doesn't matter. And I think the extra dialogue in the phone call detracts from what was otherwise a great minimalism with practically everything communicated without dialogue.

Paul Sumares

I agree with you that the clerk's line makes it clear, Allan. My basic contention was that the scene with the ballerina would have hit me better if it occurred after something like the clerk's line had made it clear that she was a prostitute, and not before. Do you see what I mean? That would be my contention whether the clue was the phone call or the clerk's line ... minimal or not so minimal.

Rodrigo Lemos

Lovely music. Who wrote it?

Bella Tone

For me the piece is more than about what she does for work, it's about how does she maintain being a human, with inherent worth, despite a series of circumstances that tell her differently. All of the scenes may or may not reveal that she is a prostitute, (the opening scene with the skirt told me that) but the other side of this is that she is a person shopping, and in that context she has other obstacles that challenge in a series of progressively more intense ways that she is not worthy of dignity. So all of the scenes were necessary in my opinion, to flesh out the story of how does one preserve their person-hood when everything and everyone around them sees them as a thing. And the "Daddy" line and then the reveal that its her pimp was just chilling. If this were a mystery, ok, then I can see how some of the scenes were not necessary because we know what she does for work, but the point of the story is exactly that she is more than what she does for work.

Johanna Marshall

I didn't realize she was a prostitute at first. There are teenage girls at the mall who look exactly like that who think they are just "cool"..I agree that that I thought the bruises were from an abusive boyfriend...........I do think that having the phone call AND the shopkeepers comment is a bit much. One or the other would suffice. and Paul, I did notice the tattoo on her back but I never saw the word Romeo....thank you for bringing that into view.........

John Kava

Cleverly done with subtle props - with little dialogue that calls for good acting to sustain it - which was delivered with skill! Great reactions say a hundred words.

Jessica Devlin


Johanna Marshall

and I with you ..Imagine the possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great work!!

Jessica Devlin

If you all can - if its not too much to ask.. We got our video on a site that is primarily for sex trafficking .. we need to generate as much attention as possible. If you can all leave a comment big or small it will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance :)

John Dewberry

Good Job, bringing the light

Stuart Lawson

Hi Jessica, the teaser looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing the series. All the best for you and I'll share your project as much as I can.

Angela Walters

Good Work.

Mara Nikolich

I don't think the concept is unclear as some say here...well done.

Jonathan Chauser

I really dug this! Beautifully shot. the grime of the inner city really came flying through the screen. Jessica was very effective as the lead. I read almost all of the comments especially @Allan and @Paul's little feud and I agree mostly with Allan. The visual clues told the story of a prostitute dreaming a better life very clearly. I agree that the pacing in the beginning was a bit slow. The product placement wasn't needed and slowed down the story... cut that out and this is a rockin' teaser. Happy to see such talent out there!

Vivens Joachim

Job well done. You sell your story with almost no word. Loved the store clerk (very simple but to the point) and you Jessica, really awesome!

Alex Mk

Nice work! ;)

Lauran Childs

Loved it! It was really intriguing, really kept my attention, reminded me of the grittiness and different sensibility of movies that tend to come from other places than America. (I'm English.) Can't wait to see more, good luck!

Julian Nabunya

good work Jess , its was amazing performance for me , the camera was owesome , and story is great . even though i wanted to see more of your facial expression . other wise good luck with your Tv series .

Dwight Wilson II

Good work! I really enjoyed it. Strong message.

Oddi Diaz

I like your professional acting. Nice message, we need more of this type.

Robert Smith Mfa

Your performance was very good. It was hard to root for tha character for two reasons. 1. Stealing the ballerina might work if we don't see her steal the lipstick. It lessens the dramatic value of the ballerina theft. 2. We get that she is abused. When she puts up with Romeo on the phone we no longer feel sorry for her. There is also way too much emphasis on product placement. All of that aside, your performance was terrific! Smitty

Edward Llewelyn

Hi Jessica, I think we forget something when we create a piece it's that it's not a democracy. Whatever we create we try & make it real & current. You can take people's account on board & you'll please some but not everyone but people's account don't matter after the product is done & out there. I enjoyed it Jessica & thought it was well shot & acted. That's my opinion & my opinion really doesn't matter at the end of the day because it's what you & the whole team have brought that matters.

Pierre Langenegger

Hey Jessica, I liked it. It was very well acted, it was intriguing and I wanted to see more. Depending on where the story goes from here is everything but so far, it's good. Well done. Pierre.

Carla Iacovetti

Acting solid, but I did have some issues with concept clarity. The most powerful part of this scene is her connection to the ballerina statue. That instantly hooked me. I did feel the phone call, even though it revealed that it was her pimp, was somewhat distracting, and the tattooed bar-code on her back was incredible. I watched a couple of other sequences on YouTube, and actually know the guy playing "Daddy," go figure. Wishing you every success with this project.

Jessica Devlin

I really appreciate all the comments. Thank you all so much! I hope everything is going great! :)

Edwin Adrian Nieves

A good sign of a job well done is when the viewer wants to see more, and I so wanted this to continue. The beginning, the way it was shot and edited, really drew me in to the character and her story. As for how clear the concept was--read many of the comments after seeing the film--I felt I understood what was being presented to me. The camera at the beginning presented the girl in an objectified manner, and with your acting, her gestures and behavior seemed to me like a girl who was lost or lost her way--the ballerina as a symbol of purity in front of a breaking down girl furthered this. It could've been an abusive boyfriend, but I thought the storytelling was hinting elsewhere. Great team behind this project, and great job, Jessica!

Csizmarik Francisc

Nice work. In the same field, helping victims of trafficking if you want watch a real case here...

Kevin Perez

I was really impressed. Good work !!!

Mary Dallas

Jessica, that was an incredible scene & performance! I'm still a little misty after watching...sniff

David Hurd

Very believable work. Congrats.

Caroline Gauthier

Nice work to everyone involved!

Jessica Devlin

Thank you guys so much for the wonderful responses. Im really happy you enjoyed them! Hope to work with you guys sometime in the future!

Mark Vincent

Sad,,,,,,,, , well done !

Oddi Diaz

I will keep you in mind for a project that I have in NYC this coming summer.

Jason Lantz

Very well done. Good acting Jessica.

Alec Marken

Honest and wonderful work, Jessica!!!

Kevin Perez

Good work Jessica..

Chris Mellors

Had to say I really felt that performance, Excellent well done :)

Trey Lewis

Great Job!!! You delivered every emotion perfectly! You've got a bright future! Keep it up and don't let anything stop you from achieving your dream!

Armando Alejandro

Nice.. Very cool.

Ivan Velez Sneed

Beautifully acted! Couldn't take my eyes off. Very well written and the photography was spot on. Congrats! Where can I see the rest?

Evan Stewart Eisenberg

cool. very very cool. quietly intense.

Anne Marie Gillen

Well done. Captured and held my attention immediately. Emotional impact as well.

Robert P. Davenport II

Very nice work!

Cami Ciotta

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Rob Tyler

Loved it! great job! :D Sound was done extremely well and acting was moving :) Wanted to see more!

John Bardt

NICE, Jessica. I really enjoy that. Good work.

Julie Merrick

Captures something both tragic and victorious - a shard not destroyed. You were really good in it!

Werner Aubele

Nice, good work!

Tom Mongelli

You really nailed your moment at the checkout counter. Outstanding.

Luciano Saber

Absolutely outstanding! You tell the story before the dialogue starts. Great performance, Jessica. Keep it up!

Shrirang Nargund

very good Jessica! touching performance...

Dale Sumner

Hiya Jessica, I have only just seen this - really good and well made - very good acting. Thanks for sharing! Dale.

Reece Elisabeth

Well done Jessica! How many people helped you make this?

Shannon Scarlett Murtagh

Wow, so moving, I really liked this short.

Bob Barr

Nice work!

Sneha Acharya

Niceee !

Michael Leifman

Great job Jessica!! Anyone that can cry is a wonderful actor in my book! Keep me posted on upcoming projects.

Rebecca Beardslee

Wow! This is a short with feeling for sure! I liked the way the story was being told without dialog in the beginning. Excellent way to build up suspense. Beautiful and convincing acting! Great Job Jessica! Keep up the good work!

James Aston Lake

Great cinematography. The acting was good too.

Charlie Maron

Sad but beautiful. Meaningful and touching.

Lucas Lockwood

very cool!

Jonathan Alexander Green

I agree that was some nice acting I wish it had been longer. I am waiting on more.

Rick Kuitems

I like'd it a lot, great acting. Also, there's great suspense and call's upon several emotions in a short time. Great! ;-)

Jonathan Alexander Green

Yeah you're right I thought it was great.

Bobbi Owens

Very Nicely Done!!

Josephine Pizzino

I LOVE THIS!!! Can't wait to see more. Kudos to EVERYONE!

King D

real nice

B Martinez Birney

Excellent job and very well done. Totally loved the clip, great acting can be done with very little dialog. You are great in this I'm sure you have an awesome career ahead ') B'

Timothy Tabaaro Tumwesigire


Keith Lopez

Very well done... Thank you for sharing

Michael Nielsen

Wow, fantastic performance! Powerful message.

Mikki Hall

This is great!

Olzhas Bayalbayev


charles armstrong

I like

Alfredo Diaz

Nice work Jessica.

George Woodward

Job well done go Jessica

Rick Kuitems

They should let me play the pimp.... I would be awesome.... ;-)

Charles Card

Very nice. Good emotion.

Rahul Himanti Pandey


Joseph Shellim

Engaging cam works that sucks you in.

Joseph Shellim

Jessica, you played it spot on - congrats.

Alex Mk

Very nice acting!

Kirk Johnson

Looks like something we'd be interested in picking up -

William Scherer

Is there any reason those directors didn't give you and the store keeper credit when their names appeared three times? Great work.

David Patrick Green

Nice acting

Gabriel Mican

That was pretty cool! Well done! :)

Aniket D Shau


Chad D'Aigle

I like it it. Very sad. 5 minutes that says quite a bit regarding "The Life". Makes me want to see more, hoping it gets better!

Corey Sosner

nice moment with ballerina,

Daniel Johnson

Looks pretty intriguing! When's it released?

Michael Lockett

I like it. Just enough to let me know the gist of the story without giving away any real hooks.

David M. Adler

Wow, you could release just the sizzle as a short. Well done.

Lisa Roumain

Beautiful work Jessica!

Lela Luster

REALLY great! = )

Helen Faller

That was amazing. Great work.

Jennifer Brenner

Fab film. Loved it and even more so as an exdancer (still taking classes) but due to injuries now focusing 100% on my acting career. Keep going and make more fabulous films! xx

Stephen Ossias

Great performance, very believable.

Danny Lima

Well Done!! Congrats!!

John Henry Soto

Nice work Jessica!! Loved it!

Manmeet Singh

Shot so well, acted so natural. Well done Jessica

Derek Stephen McPhail

a very moving and excellently acted and produced short.

Richard Gustason

This was well done. If this is the teaser, I think the whole film would be wonderful to see. Nice work by everyone.

Angel Matheson

Very compelling. I want to know what happens. The acting touches you.

Dr Randall Maxwell

Hi Jessica, This story certainly seems to make a good fit for my company, Maxima Vision Films which may be viewed at, for the story appears to be right down our alley, so to speak. Where exactly are you in production of this film? What position are you with the film? I mean, are you writer, producer, director, what? My company does have two investment groups, one of which has already committed funding four feature films per year over the next five years, giving us funding 20 films by end of year five. We have the capabilities to do whatever is needed to get a story idea from script to screen, from story development, writing the script, doctoring the script, through pre-production, from casting, scouting locations, arranging all the legal, through production and finally the post, from editing, to marketing and distribution. Spend some time with our site and if you think we are a good fit and feel we can work together in some capacity with your project, feel free to contact me personally at our home office in Nashville Tennessee at (615) 603-7509 or my personal email at Dr. Randall Maxwell

Brenton Foale

I enjoyed this teaser, and want to see more. Well done.

Bill Hartin

It all works. Especially your restrained, layered approach to your character.

Joseph Shellim

The Cam works are brilliant, C/Ups of bruises, shop-lifting the lipstick, cravings, tell a story without dialogue. Hope the rest measures up with this opening tease; many movies don't keep up with the trailer.

Charmane Wedderburn

Well done Jessica.

Wesley Coll

Cool. Leaves one wanting to see more. Congrats, Jess.

Brian T Shirley

Wow, powerful!!

Jemshaid Ashraf

that's a nice short film, good acting and well shot... 10/10

Niki Stanchev

Very good short. You are hot Jessica. ;)

Jimmy Lee West

Excellent!!! Going to the verge of crying, then coming back like you did, is truly an art form...very impressive.

William T. Fanelli

Very well done in every aspect, particularly... sound, image and acting. Nice work!

Vania Bezerra

beautifully shot and great acitng

Wayne Beauchamp

This is good both acting and behind the camera

Joyce Leo

Visually moving. Powerful acting. Does the camera at the beginning see her as just legs and crotch? She sees herself as more than that certainly and that's where we see her pain as one living the Life.

Jeffrey M. Albert

I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of her performance.

Derrick Judge Early

Nice job. Production value looks good.

Nisha Hope

love the shots. The beat drew me in.

Adiyb Muhammad

Nice shots as well as good soundtrack thus far!!! Makes me want to see more!! Good job!!

Richard Kraby

Love it!

Sandra Reed

I love the concept. As a dancer, I have also seen dancers that are addicted to cigarettes in order to keep their weight down, so maybe that is something to thing about. Also, today the news highlighted the most stressful careers and dancers were listed, so your timing is good. Great job!

Ashley Walton

Fantastic! Loved it! Great job

Laura LaMonaco

Before i provide feedback is this a trailer for a short or a feature or is this the short? I will go with its the short for now. The acting is very good. The beginning needs some music to set the mood for the audience. The story is pretty obvious with the clothing, abuse marks and behavior. I do feel like there is something missing but can't put my finger on it. will watch again and let you know but over all great job!

Bill Perron

It is a study in immature unrealistic values that manifest into crime. Sad but all to common in society.

Charles Tentindo

Strong, connected performance. Well shot. Good job Jessica!

Katherine Swift


Rick R Miller

nicely done!!!

Glen Kinnaird

Really great Video, Good Production values!

Andrew D Ford

Great but I would change the title to something more like "Vegas life".

Laura LaMonaco

Sad but true.

Dr Randall Maxwell

Well, well, well, I am as well as my company certainly interested in your story idea, however as far as production value, well, first, every scene, like the story as a whole must have a beginning a middle and an end, with the beginning having some sort of an inciting incident which send our protagonist on a life and death journey, the middle have a antogonist keeping our protagonist from accomplishing his goal, and finally our protagonist must grow in some way, either emotionally, physically, spiritually, personally in order to accomplish his goal. EVERY SCENE must move the whole story forward and must tell a story within it's self. In your scene, in it's present format it is difficult to see what exactly is going on, why is she there, what is she doing there, and what does she hope to accomplish in being there??? IN the context of this scene being a part of a greater whole, I certainly hope you do not intend to give this scene this much screen time??? If you ever need any help with production values and help in making your ultimate project a marketable commodity, we are here to help, as the content of your story is certainly something the world needs to know so much more about. I invite you to check out my company, Maxima Vision Films at We are all about redemptive films and helping those who have a passion for telling stories that matter achieve their dreams of having their projects succeed.

Kirk Johnson

The girl is not naked, it just appears that way at a glance.

Frances Macaulay Forde

Very well 'acted' Jessica, you have a tremendous future because you allow the camera in. High production values even though done on a budget too. Only questions I have relate to the director's choices. I assume the order of some plot points have been changed (made cliche) with the Pimp's phone call (I assumed) added and unnecessary. Because for me, it takes us away from the action and reiterated that which has already been overstated (in my humble opinion). On the whole though, an excellent attempt for a good cause. Well done.

Debbie Elicksen

Well done, Jessica.

Estephania LeBaron

Very good!

James David Sullivan

"This blind date is not working out the way I thought it would!" ;-)

Joseph Marranca


Rebecca Beardslee

Nice acting, it is very realistic. What an intense story. Good job on all accounts!

Lee Kolinsky

Very cool. great work.

Mary Elizabeth Bell

Great Job!!!! Excellent actress!! Check this out!!!

Chau-ai Pham

Great! nice acting! Jessica.

Nestor Garland

Great acting. I love the anonymity in the beginning (those low angle shots). Jessica's physical acting really helped indicate that she was in the life. This was really well put together.

Jason John Beebe


Neva J Howell

Nice subtle acting work, Jessica. However, I really must complement whoever staged it! Wow, such fantastic decisions to reveal so much of the character before we ever see her face. Loved the mirror, the gradual reveal of wounds, the lipstick down the front of the skirt, all of it. I did think the clerk would see the lipstick when she reached down to get the money though. Looked as if it couldn't have possible stayed in... perhaps one hand over where the lipstick was while the other dug for the money. I know, that's not about your acting but it's just a moment that took me a tad out of the suspension of disbelief in an otherwise flawless set up. Really nice.

Rob Padilla Jr.

Nice work Jessica. If you we're on the west coast I'd probably consider you for a role. Keep practicing your craft. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Mandla Bolekaja

Very nice work Jessica. Subtle, made me care about her almost from the start. Rooted for her when she bolted. Soft and hard at once shown in the character. Great subtle reveals of injuries. Great work.

Gurdeep Labana

hey jessica that was awesome.... you cry so good

Lee Dunnavant (Lebo)

Hey Jessica, From the get go, this scene visually gave the audience the essence of your character.. From the UPC code tattoo on your back, from the tight clothing, from the bruises & scratches and the pain exuding from your face, it was revealed that your character was living inside a cage of social dominance & loss innocence. Also, the lipstick steal punches that idea of childlike innocence gone by .... Your emotional moment with the ballerina was very moving and real. And your dialogue with the sales clerk & your 'man' was Honest & genuine ... Good message & the title very apropos ... Thanx for sharin JD Lebo

Amelia Parillon

Hi Jessica, That was beautiful, the hints of a not so perfect life a prominent but not over powering, yet she had a strength about her. Good Work :)

David Dinning

You're good !

Anthony Battelle

Nice work.

Christopher Katz

Excellent Job...So talented Jessica

Jorge J Prieto

Great Job! Disturbing story and believer performance.

Jorge J Prieto

It's sad the way the story clerk misjudged her. No compassion, that's a problem in our society.

Antonio Moses

Excellent job.

Sydney Jamesson

Convincing performance, Jessica. Makes me wonder about the back story.

Jessica Devlin

Thank you all so much. It means so much to me! Pilot episode will be out soon :) can't wait to share it with you all!

Antonio Moses

Hey if you're not doing anything on October 3rd between 6:00-8:00 pm. I have a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Palmdale.

Art Thomas

Great acting. Copyright and trademark issues may be a challenge when seeking distribution.

Andre Martin

this is great!

Jet Teng


Phoenix Alexander Nelson

Really good!

Matt Sanford

Well acted and well shot.

Dale Devoe Inscore

Was interesting, started off slow, but for a teaser to have several twist to it. Made u want to keep watching. The end made me wanna see more and made me feel bad for her.

Royce Allen Dudley

You can act, that's clear.

Nuno Cruz

Impressive indeed

Vinanti Sarkar

Loved the innocence you portrayed in the smile ...

Mary Dallas

Hi Jessica! Can you update us as to your progress? I would love here that you're starring in something great!

Joseph Diggs

Absolutely brilliant! You can act sister.

Desi Singh

Very nicely acted! I look forward to watching your career grow, and hopefully working with you sometime in the near future. Keep up the great work.

Anne Gentry

Very nice work. I added a comment to your site. I am in a similar project in Austin called "Street Stories". It went so well that it has been picked up by the Rodriquez channel and is now being sponsored by the City. It is a faith-based approach, so I am surprised. Good luck to you, you did a wonderful job here.

Peter Nørgaard

GO ... & what´s going on..?

Steven Lampley

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ransford Doherty

Great job and great story!!

Robby Haynes

Well shot & Intriguing Jessica!

Ken Koh

Well done!

Damian Forest Light

good story.

Trena Penson

Superb acting job !

Joe Cox

nice film , nice story

Udana Fonseka

Interesting short. Good performance.

Lauren Lindsey

this looks really good

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

That was an amazing scene. Slowly revealing a life of distress and suffering. Her moment with the musical statue was awesome. Her quick and unceremonious conversation on the phone was very telling of what this girl confuses for love while tolerating little of the store clerks veiled judgment. Amazing material. What has become of this project?

Jan Naft

Very good...

Jeremy Edwards

Looks good

Shawn Patrick Greene

I really enjoyed this.

James Gregory

Good work!

Joseph de Cross

Excellent! Keep it up!

Lucas Lockwood

really enjoyed it.

Pat Savage


Phil Keys

Really well acted my speakers are defunct but I really enjoyed the emotion without hearing the sound- Love Phil

Jessica Devlin

Thank you all so much for your compliments and helpful advice. I'll be sharing our newest official trailer for the pilot episode in just a bit! Looking forward to hearing from you all :) best of luck with all you guys are working on. Best, Jess

Gameela Wright

Jessica, I really LOVED it! Well done! Looking forward to seeing more.

Ramesh Ragav

Wow Jessica, U look fabulous really ... your trailer is wonderful, every of your actions & reactions are absolutely natural and genuine , U have a beautiful eyes and face ( Of course U look as a whole U no way less than the dancing doll u steel )... Yur emotions are great while U admire the doll with a pain and the small happiness and the small smile after u get the doll ).... your emotions tells us the entire story of your Life ... It seems u have lived the character... great Job.. Keep that going... 2015 U r going to Rock .. all the best and God bless U

Rob Lindsay

Really good!

Christopher Trastoy

I thought it was great!

Allan Hall

Your hired, lol.

Renee Lear

Loved this. I'd love for you to go to my Profile and view the Job Posting for JASMINE and Apply if you're interested. Under the Loglines link you'll find the full Synopsis and the View Screenplay link at the bottom has the first four segments of the script. JASMINE is the last storyline. Strong emotions and dialogue so it will push you. Thanks!

Debbie Croysdale

This felt a real reflection, of a real persons life. Poignant she is left hugging a dancing doll, probably her only bastion of escapism in the days to come, I felt for this girls plight.

Jeffrey Weissman


Nii Dromo

interesting and incredible

Jennifer Scibetta


Jeffrey Alan Solomon

This is excellent. Great talent, script and camera work.

Wendy Joseph

Wow. Could also be shortened to a public service piece, with supers and/or VO.

Allan Hall

Great performance! To bad we didn't meet sooner, but for whats left, go to and submit for whatever role interests you. The current production is due to start the Trailer shoot in May 20, 2015 Good Luck ;)

Abigail Yates

That was moving. You did a great job. Sex trafficking is horrible. Did I read that right, you're doing more of these? Please post them if so.

Dov S-S Simens

It's a good start. More cutaways... Better but more subtle Foley... Keep going, 90-page script, 40-50 scenes... DOV

Ashwanni Kumar

it shows the potential but I agree with Dov S-S Simens; need more in order to show full talent out of you. Overall nice try. keep it up!!!

Preston Poulter

I liked it.

Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp

solid and haunting

Ace Mediamonster

wow really well done. you even had good actors (which is unusual lol). very nice job :)

Jacob James Henry

Very captivating segment. Great example of doing a lot with a little. The tone and atmosphere were well-established, and the editor seems to know his/her stuff. Those were the positives, off hand. Glad I saw this. Thanks for sharing!

Paul Mehri

Everything was good but the ending should have a better conclusion she should find a good job and go back to the store and pay for items she took

Sara Dee

Well produced. good sound, good visuals. I watched until the end, often I skip through shorts but every shot in this was loaded with intrigue. I would love to see more and if this serves as a 'teaser' than it's doing a good job.

Paul French

Wow! Well shot, well produced, your acting was excellent. You revealed so much of your character without saying a word. Well done. Whatever happed with it?

Jessica Devlin

Thank you all so much for the continued support, advice, compliments, critiques. I really appreciate it! We won a few film festivals. It never got picked up but it was such a great project to work on.

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