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Robert Hyacinth

The non-acting work

Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help with a slight dilema that I face. The work that I have been doing to support my acting over the last 4 years has seemed to dry up. I have tried to find other non-commital work, but am finding that it is not as easy to come by as it once was. Would it be such a (sell-out), or career suicide to go for the steady job for a while, even if only for a few months? I would be very grateful for your thoughts. Regards Robert

Rich Patriaco

Hi Robert, sometimes it's good to take a break from being burnt out wondering. Here's a suggestion! get a part time job for 3 months and use the extra money to help financially. But more important make sure your top priorities are in tact. Everything else will fall into place.

Robert Hyacinth

Thanks for your comments Rich and I will bear them in mind.

JD Hartman

Beware of getting comfortable. Easy to fall into a routine of going to the same place every day and cashing the checks that keep coming. Maybe a PA job, which would be temporary in nature would be a consideration?

Robert Hyacinth

I know what you're saying JD, it's what I was thinking myself.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Whatever you choose to do, I would scrupulously avoid the phrases 'sell-out' and 'career suicide' or any labels remotely like them. Both are not only psychologically hurtful and misleading to yourself but also totally inaccurate. To get a steady job for a few months or even more is not selling out. It simply recognizing the fact that we have to eat, have a place to live, etc. I'd suggest making a plan for how long you choose to work away from acting and stick with it. But you can practice your craft, improve your skills with others or at home, do some reading. Etc. Just suggestions. But don't needlessly and uselessly criticize yourself for doing that which is necessary.

Robert Hyacinth

Thanks for your comments Douglas

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