Acting : The oscar bed bug... by JJ Beasley

JJ Beasley

The oscar bed bug...

as an actor i sometimes wonder if ever in my lifetime i will ever win an oscar,i have seen 1 face to face and imagine what its like to hold that statue in my hands,last nights oscars reminded me of those who gave almost flawless performances and the nomination bits that insued throughout that everyone in those categories gave an more than excellent performance.but in my mind if i ever want to get there like they have there,i have to pay my dues any actor aspiring or experience has 1 time or another has wished for that one chance to be recognized and nominated for his/her works.t for hat being said i have a hhhheeeeeelllllll of alot of work to do,im in this for life and even if i never win one i can at least say i was passionate about my craft,the life and work i have chosen, and one day where i would be humbling be amongst the amazing and elite category of story tellers and rockafella's,will my name or legacy in this field be a personal trophy of what one is willing to sacrifice or die for just for that 1 moment? yep.....for its the golden statue of immortality, "Rize"

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