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Acting : The rehearsal process. by Arbender Robinson

Arbender Robinson

The rehearsal process.

Nothing excites me.more than the rehearsal process for live theatre. new choices, new discoveries, fresh ideas and playing with a scene partner. once the show opens I long for the rehearsal process again. does anyone else have this same addiction? #lovethecraft

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

I've heard that it's almost like working out - your endorphins get going and your get elated from rehearsing night after night - do you have that feeling? How often do you rehearse for your Broadway shows?

Arbender Robinson

so there are a number of ways to answer this question . You can assume that you rehearse 8 hours a day 6 days a week for about 2 weeks if you are replacing someone in a show. Once you are in the show you may them have rehearsals for any roles that you understudy. you can then rehearse up to 8 hours a week for those roles. If it is a new show, I am working on one now, you can rehearse for weeka, months, even years. oh yes! My newest project has had rehearsal off and on for over a year as we write, rewrite, edit, and discover what the show and script will be. There is also a process called "preview". During previews you will still rehearse every day and make changes, but you also perform every night. sometimes the version of the show that you rehearse and the version you perform can be totally different. that's when things get exciting.

Kait Feeney

I am the same. I do enjoy the performances but it's the process of unravelling the text & getting it off the page that I love.

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