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Tony Hunter

Thick skin

With the ups and downs of this industry I think as an actor having that thick skin is a major part of this career. Today I found out, due to budget cuts and production cut backs that the film that I was really excited to be a part of cut my character meaning I'm unfortunately not part of the film anymore. I'm a strong believer in fate and I know that this can only mean another door is soon to open. I'll leave this message with a quote by my favourite actor Leonardo Dicaprio that I think fits today perfectly.. "I've just got to maintain my passion for what I do" T

Antonio Ingram

Thank you for sharing this Tony. Leonardo Dicaprio is also my favorite actor and I too am a strong believer in fate. You definitely have the right mentality and another door is sure to open. And this will happen threw that maintained passion. Best of luck to you man.

Mary-Helen Norris

I love how you ended it with that quote because it is so true. I'm sorry about your part but hope that something just as good (if not better) comes your way soon.

Tony Hunter

Alle I think you've miss interpreted the meaning of my post, it wasn't a bitch or a moan about my character being cut, simply a message to other actors about the importance of having that thick skin as a character being cut from a film a couple weeks before production starts happens and having a thick skin gets you through it. I liked that quote for this message as it reminded me that no matter the outcome on a project maintaining my passion for what I love will get me to the next project, so it may not have been in context with what the great Leo was saying but his words fit what I was saying and the point I was making. I hope this reply has cleared up that I wasn't bitching or moaning, and that just because I've had a set back I'm not going to give up and 'get a real job' ... This is my 'real job' T

Tony Hunter

And regardless of the budget of the film and the importance of that character for the film, it was part regardless and opportunity for me do what I love, what I'm passionate about, not about money or paying the bills. I do paid and unpaid work because I love acting and being part of creative projects that I can be proud of. And I respectfully disagree about Leo's charred not being great before revolutionary road, films like 'what's eating Gilbert grape' and 'total eclipse' and 'basketball diaries' are great examples of great character work and intelligent choices as an actor by Dicaprio. Certainly not just 'playing himself' T

Tony Hunter


Rosie Pearson

Hi , Sorry to hear about your role ! 100% another door is going to open as long as you never give up! You are right you do have to be extremely thick skinned in this industry I have been in a similar situation my whole world felt like it came crashing down but hey it has just made me more determined to carry on! Wish all the best of luck ! Love the quote !! :)

Valdi Belton

Hi tony, Don't worry man opportunity is all around you. There is a special role for everybody out there, we just haven't traveled far enough yet to claim it. I believe that the acting god wants to see how much an actor can endure before he quits. I believe it's a test for us... Sort of like a fraternity. Who ever survives at the end joins. So we should never give up no matter what.

Lina Jones

You never know you might find opportunity right here. About tough skin you have to have that in life as well.

Dawn RR

A thick skin is great and a good supportive system. Actors are also human, and can be as insecure as anyone else, especially when the roles aren't coming in and your phone hasn't rung in months. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.

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