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Zedrick Restauro

This Los Angeles Life From A Semi-Working Actor

(Zedrick is a somewhat successful TV/Film/Commercial Los Angeles based actor: Major speaking roles in Sprint David Beckham commercial, Modern Family, ABC Family's Melissa & Joey, Nickelodeon's The Thundermans) Hey all, if you're an actor that is interested in moving to LA to pursue it, definitely give this post a read. It's one perspective out of very many I'm sure, but it definitely gives you an idea what to expect from this town. Realistic, sometimes cynical, but honest, and ultimately hopeful... my experiences in this city have been quite the ride: I'd love to hear about your experiences as well, and feel free to ask any questions or advice. Love helping fellow actors. :) Zedrick

Devil Town.
Devil Town.
"The mind is its own place, and in it self Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n." -Satan From John Milton's Paradise Lost For the longest time I hated LA. When I lived in Orange County and then...
Kelsey Klemme

Good read! Thanks for posting, I live in LA and was also expecting it to be a big, mean city but I actually enjoy it. Hope you continue to have great success with your career, looks like you're starting on a good foot!

Zedrick Restauro

Thank you Kelsey! Best of luck in your career too. Always good to hear when LA treats people well. :)

Melody McLellan

Love the article! It is all very true! I am "Momager" for my 13 yr-old son, Grant McLellan. We have moved around a bit between the Inland Empire and OC, always commuting to LA...hoping that soon he will transition from the "semi-working actor" to the "working actor". My son's IMDb link is:

Zedrick Restauro

Thank you Melody! Best of luck to you and Grant. :)

Matthew R. Davis

I'm not sure I'd make it across the Pond, but still a very informative read. Keep up the good work. :-)

Zedrick Restauro

Thanks Matthew! Good to you over there in the UK!

Suzanne Bronson

Interesting. I had the exact opposite experience. The year I spent in Hell-A was the worst year of my life. (At the time I was 37). You would literately have to pay me to ever set foot in the Devil Town again. I find it interesting you feel you've made good connections there. I found most people to be shallow and friendships unfulfilling, I think because it's so hard to make a living there and it is the land of broken dreams. Calling it devil town is fitting, it sucks the life out of your soul.

Zedrick Restauro

Oh yeah Suzanne, I've been extremely lucky. It's super hard to meet good people here, I'm beyond fortunate that I have.

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