Acting : Too Old to Start? by Jaime Durham

Jaime Durham

Too Old to Start?

Hello all I'm first and foremost a screenwriter, but I'm also considering trying acting. Looking back on it, it's something I've always wanted to do but either didn't realize it or was afraid to try. I'm much older than most people who embark on this and worry that I'm wasting my time. Just curious if anyone here came to acting later in life and had success, especially in the cinematic realm.

Rick Jey

Im 72 and still active starting again four years ago. You are never too old to start. All ages have a market when the need arises. Have fun trying. Rick Jey

Rick Jey

Break A Leg...but no hips at age 70. LoL You will understand when you get there.

Torsten Colijn

If your heart is in acting, then go for it. Never mind what people say. I think it's very wise of you to broaden your skills. It is not easy to live from acting alone, for actors of all ages.

Jaime Durham

Thanks for the words of encouragement, everyone. I'm going to start taking acting lessons again middle of next month, hopefully, if my teacher is recovered by then. I hope when I move back to St. Louis to take classes at a place called Creative Actors. And I'm going to still work on my screenplays. Good luck with all your creative endeavors as well!

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