Acting : Trailer by Duncan Skinner

Duncan Skinner
Vasty Pearson

hello Duncan, I hope you can consider me if any work opportunities come up where you can use me as an actress. please email me with any questions

Patricia Urbonas Clark

this is very cool Duncan! Please keep me in mind as well!

Michael Christoforo

Hi Duncan. This trailer looks great!! I really like the work. Very well done my friend. Hope all is well.

Cindy Lee Davis

OMG love it, please keep me in mind for this one

Duncan Skinner

Indeed, 'tis verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nicely done, innit? Thanks aplenty, Michael and Cindy Lee. :-) Cindy Lee, it ain't my baby (I'm simply in it.) What you up to, anyway?

Duncan Skinner

Vasty and Patricia... sorry, only just saw your comments. As I just said, this ain't my project. But keep me posted on your activities, anyway. Just because. Because "what if" and "you never know" are very big words. ;-) And just so you know, I'm in Greece, btw.

Duncan Skinner

More of me here (just showing off...)

Duncan Skinner

Oh and any "likes" for the Facebook page for my genitally fixated zero budget sketch comedy series would be exceedingly welcome. ;-)

Marcus Thomas

Hello Duncan. That was an impressive performance! If you know anyone looking for actors on projects like this, would you mind letting me know? I have the training, experience, and an extensive military background with a combat tour.

Vasty Pearson

hi duncan, i think you sent me a message about stand up comedy right? I got a notification on my email but i have no idea ho to find it on here. I still don't really know how to use this site. anyway, yes i am latina but have never thought of doing stand up. :)

Duncan Skinner

Tell you what, Vasty... I'll go copy/paste what I wrote on your page and then send it to you as a private message, ok? Hey there, Marcus. That ain't my project and I'm half a world away, but you're on my radar now. :-)

Marcus Thomas

I appreciate that Duncan, you never know what opportunities are out there unless you go for it!

Goran Banyai

Great use of tension, editing, imagery, composition, cast and of course direction. Well Done Duncan,you've got a wonderful and exciting feel to the way you tell stories. Powerful use of montage. Keep up the great work.

Author Priscilla Shareese

That is great

Kevin Golding

Thrilling,exciting and wonderfully executed..great work.Look forward to seeing it.

Cherish Paris

Well done!

James C. Morris

Very well done sir.

Joel Yagual


Dale Sumner

Nice piece of work - thanks for sharing it!

Duncan Skinner

Thanks aplenty for the feedback, people. Though, again, I should point out that it ain't my baby. I'm just a man with a moustache!!

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