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Acting : Transistions(: by Rebecca Katie-Louise

Rebecca Katie-Louise


I'm a model, looking to expand into the acting world. Was wondering if everyone had advice in how to start. Thanks Rebeccakatielouise xo

Adam Allen

If you don't have a lot of acting experience, getting into some community theatre productions is a great way to start. I started back in the Winter of 2004 as a 5th grader, and I've been acting ever since. If you want some literature, start off by reading Constantin Stanislavski's book, "An Actor Prepares." He has two other books to make up a kind of "trilogy," titled "Building a Character" and "Creating a Role." Stanislavski's system is one of the oldest and most popular acting methods around. Others include Sanford Meisner, Stella Alder, and Lee Strasberg.

Antonio Ingram

Establish an identity as to what route you want to go as an actress and make sure the right agent and manager is along side you. I wish your new journey into the acting world the best.

Tyler Wolfe

If you're just starting out, I would suggest getting into a class that inspires you and helps you grow as an actor and as a person. Once you are ready to audition, you should target student films. Many colleges and universities have programs that create quality short films. They are also great practice because the audition room can sometimes be daunting. Best of luck!

Lawrence Costales

Start by getting some training if you want to be successful. See link http://junechandler.com/index.html or find a class near you. Classes are also where you start getting connections and learning the traps to avoid. Best of Luck but plan well.

Stefano Labbia

Hi: mmm... the entertainment world is really hard... maybe it's a lil bit strange like advice, for this kind of work but... I think the very most important thing is be your-self. Even when you pretends and plays a role. However... we work, occasionally, in London: we have some project in your land and soon probably we shoot in UK. Stay in touch! P.s.: now we are in Italy, for a doc series! We travel a lot!

Harry Johnquest

Audition for commercials. Definitely do a little theater locally. Join a church that has a good drama ministry. Study. Write your own life script and rehearse, practice, and play for real.

Shannon Ratigan

Honesty, most of us start at the bottom doing (paid) extra work. That way you can learn the ins and outs of film and TV. More so, you can talk with other actors who are also working up the acting ladder. You find out who the best headshot photographers are, the best agents to be with, and etc.They know where to be locally. Hate to use the "network" word, but there it is. Feel the vibe of the whole acting thing by checking out adult ed, community college, and take one of their acting classes. They usually arn't that expensive. Then you can read with a partner, and see if being an actor fits right. I guess what I'm trying to say, is try it, but really try it, and see if you like it.

Shawn Goth

Whatever state you live in they should have a film commission. List yourself there. Directors and producers will find your profile.

Lawrence Costales

Looking into state commissions and listing a profile is putting the cart before the horse. Study - Get some training. For most beginners it is taking commercial classes. The college theater route might be to slow in your case. Local small theater is not a bad idea. Start looking at monologs to memorize.

David Haverty

I've never disagreed with more comments in a post. -Adam... reading books about the inner depths of acting that are very unattainable for most seasoned actors is not the first step to start acting... if anything it's a great way to scare people from wanting to start. Taking a class makes you become a student... if there was ever a book to read it would be TRUE AND FALSE by David Mamet... only if you are interested in becoming a professional actor and not a student or self gratifying. -Harry... join a church with a good drama ministry?? Please never give acting advice ever again. -Shannon...Extra work does not teach you anything about acting. It teaches you how to navigate a set and how to avoid crazy people. It's better then a desk job for sure though. If you have funds do not do background work. Headshots are good once she is ready to go audition. Rebecca look into many photographers that do headshots specifically. Headshots are very different from comp cards. Be sure your shots look like you would when you walk through a audition door. ACT... go do it. Find people who create their own content, watch the playback... compare it to professional work out there, see what you do differently then those who are working, fix ticks and bad habits like blinking too much or clearing your throat too much etc... Have fun pretending to be other people for the mere fact to story tell and take people on a journey. Don't try to impress anyone and never change who you are to please anyone... not an agent or a manager or a casting director. Also since you are in London look up my friend Akie Kotabe on FB. Asian american actor. Tell him David Haverty told you to hit him up to pick his brain and plug you in.

David Haverty

Also I love people who didn't succeed at acting teach classes or seminars on how to be a successful actor. SMH. Learn from those who are doing it. If you come to the states I highly recommend JACK PLOTNICK. He is an advocate of everything I just said. He is a coach, not a teacher, he wants you to come work with him once and hopes he never sees you again unless it's through work you got after working with him. He mainly breaks people of all the habits they gained in acting class and all the self doubt and pity we carry. He is more like a life coach and help get you out of your own way. Acting Is Easy!!!

Silke' Renate Lienhardt

Go to auditions, even for unpaid work. Auditioning is as much a skill as acting and needs practice.

J. Alberto Leyes

study acting.

Shannon Ratigan

Honestly, I would have given just about anything for a forum and/or support group like this Stage32 back in the 80's. We couldn't just get answers like this from other actors & industry people. Usually it cost me a job to learn something. (You never forget it after that though.) That's a solid comment by Floyd right there. Wish I could have said it so eloquently. I think we're all just trying to help, & share our opinions based experiences in different markets. Helping other actors makes us better actors.

Adrian Sierkowski

Learn about the camera. Learn about lenses. Always talk with the DoP. As him/her for their feedback on your movements-- chances are they've done a lot more work than the director. If you want to be in film, you have to know how to act for the camera. What it means when the lens is a 18mm -v- a 85mm for how you need to attune your movements. How to act to the light, and with the light in the scene, and how to hit your marks. Performance, the talking bit, that's what the director is there to tell you about, and many will suck at directing, but you need to be attentive. Do not complain. If you forget your line, pause for a second, then start over, unless someone yells cut. Be ready to deal with horrible people, and working on horrible films, and for sweating, and crying, and being unsure if this is right fo you. AND KEEP AT IT. A positive attitude on any set, the grit and determination to get it done, is far more important for repeat work until you are marketable than anything else. If no one likes you, it doesn't matter how good you are (unless you're GREAT). Practice in your mirror; get a camera and a good-ish mic, and tripod, and a light, any little camcorder will do, and practice at home-- also good for taping your audtitions. I have seen good actors come out of acting schools, and I have seen a LOT of bad ones. I have seen good actors come out of normal life-- those who don't act. And network like mad.

Shondra Marie

Even top actors in network shows go to class - so, it is very important. It keeps you sharp and helps you to continue to learn as you go on auditions. There is a difference between theatre and film acting, but you will learn much about creating a character from stage - as well as being in an ensemble and working/rehearsing/learning together. Always keep learning - whatever the genre. There is always more to learn. But, definitely, find reputable teachers, coaches and theaters. Although, I will say you can learn a lot from the bad ones as well - even if it's just what not to do! :)

David Haverty

I'm not saying never go to "class" or work with a coach. What I have problems with is actors who go to a class and wait for approval from their coach that they have what it takes to act. Seasoned actors go to class to work the muscles they are already confident in using and making sure they are not getting new habits and are wanting to play with different things that they don't want to wait to work on till their next gig. In the past year I've acted more then I ever have in my life... and it's been a year since I have been to a "class". So their is no formula. I just say go do it. Trial by fire. People who are so passionate about sitting in a room and reading a book or learning from a person who has never made it in your shoes or gave up because they were not booking so they started teaching is because someone else told them that is what they should do to start. I don't think that is the only way or a smart way to learn a physical action. It is like telling someone who is asking how to start playing BASEBALL. You give them a quick break down of the rules and then you give them a glove and throw a ball at them. Gradually they will figure out what they are doing wrong, a coach will teach stances and and run routines but you are not really playing baseball until you go out in the field and play!!! If you foul or break a rule people will let you know and give you the right way something should have been done. Like don't put extra work on your resume'... and there are other little rules that really don't determine if you can act or not. So just go DO IT.

Bruce Whited

Hey Rebecca! I am a former agent. I can tell you the first thing to do is WORK! Classes are important, but if you have no acting resume, I am not going to give you a second glance. start building your resume. don't worry for now about any of the silly stuff (Agent, Manager, SAG/AFTRA...). Just start doing some extra work, University films, that sort of stuff. As stated above, take some classes. I still act, and I still take classes. As an agent, I would attend workshops and classes just to see who was working on their craft. Finally, BEWARE!!!! There are a TON of scams out there. If ANYONE wants you to pay to audition for anything, it is a SCAM! Also, if they start talking about taking classes with them and offering packages... RUN!!! Hope this helps, and I hope to see you in action, some day! Bruce

Cesar Bandera

I'd start with acting training. Meisner Technique give you some tools to improve your craft in a short time, but you have to work hard. Also you have improve your voice and body training. I recommend Linklater method for voice, is amazing. Some headshots of actor, it's not the same of model headshots. You have to contact with a photograph especialized in actor. That is very important, an actor headshot must to show all your actress range in one shot. Well, if you don't have enough money to make all of that, you can start acting in shortfilms and local plays with others actor/actress in your city. You'll be an actress , acting: "The foundation of acting is the reality of doing." Sanfod Meisner. A lot of succeed!

David Haverty

I hate Meisner but I do believe in listening to your fellow actors in scenes.

Simon © Simon

Practice with a cheap 100 dollar video camera doing Monologues. When they are so good you have to share them on Youtube you are ready for some try outs. I also LOVE actors who do theater. They are in my opinion the best actors to work with.

Tyler Wolfe

Research universities in your area and do student films. Take classes and stay passionate!

Shawn Goth

Email me. I do directing and casting. I can give you tons of ideas on how to get started. demandmedia@outlook.com

Rick Jey

I could also use your mentoring. Jarick44@yahoo.com

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