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Denise Baer

Voice for Audio Books

I have a few novels published and I've wanted to make them into audio books. Since I don't have the equipment or the proper voice, I was curious if actors who are starting out do narrations for audio books.

I've looked into Audible and such, but the costs are steep. Just wondering if anyone does it at low cost and exposure.

Any and all comments are appreciated.

Alexander Doddy

Audible allows you to do a "profit share" option where there is no upfront payment, but you each take half of the profits.

You can offer a low PFH on there as well.

You are unlikely to get a worthwhile audiobook offering "exposure". The equipment, skills and environment all have associated costs.

Consider it an investment in your book!

Karim Davis

I do audio tapings and voice work, you can check out some of my voice over work in some of my stop motion animations on my stage 32 page, let me know if that helps. Good luck!

Denise Baer

Alexander, as stated, I know all about Audible, which is why I was asking about low-cost and exposure here since I'm an Indie author.

Karim, I went to your profile and found one video, but there wasn't any audio. Thanks for responding.

Alexander Doddy

Denise, as explained, Audible IS a low cost option.

Karim Davis

Don't know what's going on there, here is a link to a movie where I did all the voice acting:

Should you hear something useful feel free to contact me, good luck with your project!

Tyler McAlister

Hi Denise! I would be interested in working with you on the audiobook. You can view my page for all of my previous work. Feel free to contact me on here or at, thank you in advance!

Christopher Inlow

Denise, email me at . I do a lot of work in a lot of fields. Depending on the schedule I may be able to work with you.

Hugh Jezard

If this helps on your travels?

Amber Robinson is also a good place to nab some very inexpensive and often quality voice over work.

Denise Baer

Thank you, all for your input. I appreciate it. I may be contacting a few of you in the near future. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year.

Elizabeth Broghanne Jessamine

This sounds amazing it is something I am really trying to branch into I would love to Do some of the voice acting for you. :)

Denise Baer

Hi Elizabeth, I sent a network request to you. I'd like to talk to you about the opportunity. Please send me a message.

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