Acting : What's the one piece of advice you received that made all the difference? by Richard "RB" Botto

Richard "RB" Botto

What's the one piece of advice you received that made all the difference?

Something that made the light bulb go on. For me, it was something so very simple. "Don't think...Be."

Michael Hager

Show, don't tell...

Spencer Scott

"how should I say this line?" is the wrong question.

Denise Treadwell

Make it happen!!!

Christopher Hart

Tomorrow isn't promised.

Mark ONeill

Think about a sentence before you write it down. Don't just take the "volunteers" that pop into your head.

Bhavnisha Parmar

No question is a silly question!

Ryan Philpott

Very early days advice which stayed with me was "Acting is reacting". I had to train myself to bounce off the other actors and think of everything as cause and effect. Of course this can only be put into practice if you have already "done the work", learned your lines, made technical choices etc in preparation for when the performance begins. It's all linked to developing a listening instinct, which has greatly informed my ability to write decent dialogue and I'm pleased to say has made me a much more considerate human being. I don't just wait for everyone else to shut up so that I can talk!!!

Mark ONeill

When you audition, stay in character and even improvise after your lines until the person casting says to stop. The magic happens when you are really in the character.

Kathi Carey

"Acting is doing and there's always more to do."

Tabitha Baumander

"You can give up if you want to. I never do." line delivered in an AOL chat box by a retired ltd colonel who wrote spy novels. The gist of the lesson was find a way of doing what you want to do then do it.

Brian Shell

In Cambria: Matter don't matter.

Peggy Love

"Tension, release, tension, release...remember it's all about tension and release"

Pat Savage

Yuppers :)

Ren Kennedy

This emotion is not yours, nor are these tears, this feeling of being abandoned nor is this victory - it is the character's so let it play through you and when the scene is done let it go - the safe way - to be a conduit to but not a carrier of anything that does not belong to me - from the brilliant Shea Hampton xo

Stephen Mitchell

What the audience doesn't expect is what they will remember...

Phyllis K Twombly

When I discovered the 'role' included three characters I was blessed to discover Chapeaugraphy, an acting technique from the 1600's where hats are used to indicate various characters with only one actor. That concept got me through.

Richard "RB" Botto

Really like that one, Stephen.

Brian Shell

I agree... excellent advice Stephen: What the audience doesn't expect is what they will remember. Another piece of advice that has helped came from a senior scientist I worked with in LA who said, The only truly happy people I know are those who are creative on a daily basis. So true...

Peter Taylor

Make the world more interesting for your being here. Make good art. Make it your art, your story, music, vision... that only you can do. The moment that you you feel that just possibly you're walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and mind and what exists on the inside, that's the moment you may be starting to get it right. The best things are often those that you are most uncertain about - where's the fun in making something you know 100% is going to work? Make up your own rules. Enjoy the ride. It will take you to remarkable and unexpected places. (Based on Neil Gaiman).

Richard "RB" Botto

Great post, Peter.

Pat Savage

Thanks Peter sharing :)

Pat Savage

"Don't think...Be." Thanks Richard sharing this :)

Dervin Gilbert

Food for thought: "Give them the ash of your rehearsal." We actors are not storytellers. The story is crafted and differently within the minds of each audience member. The key to successful performance is thorough rehearsal in a hundred different ways: objective, obstacle (typically the words of the script), strategy and amongst these in the end of rehearsal there will be only objective. Come Action! time, throw it all away, choose a strategy(s) then be fully with your scene partner. If you have rehearsed adequately the camera will find it in you and the audience will be viscerally, unconsciously riveted to the performance. We are not the storytellers, we bring ourselves and our Soul to the fray!

Derek St.Clair

We are all actors in everyday life, seeking to MOVE people with our tears, our rage, our flirting or flexing. -I just made that up.

Derek St.Clair

“Don’t go to New York and study. Don’t act.  OK?  Just, you know– do it.  Don’t act it, don’t show it– just do it.” James Dean to Dennis Hopper

Rick Jey

I truly understand the definition of an "oldie but goodie"...I live it everyday. lol

Paul Sumares

From my university professor who taught my film scoring, music in world cultures, and recording studio techniques classes -- years later, when consulting with him about some of my recent work: he told me how it is not always the most talented composers who get the gigs. You just have to get out there and do it. That prompted me to stop spending ALL of my time trying to perfect my work, and to get out there and get going with contacts and opportunities, large and small. Best advice for me.

Sally T Pian

I think your professor must be wise. I believe the marketing is a crucial piece.

Ruthelisa Munoz

"Always be yourself even when you are portraying someone else."My HS acting teacher Mrs.Levesque

Tom Proctor

Best advise I ever got was " get a real job" this pissed me off enough to never work any where but on set.

Richard "RB" Botto

Completely agree, June. It may have been well intended, but for a driven creative, it's misguided.

CJ Walley

"Think less, write more." Had a big impact on me this time last year.

Richard Gustason

"The only thing standing between you and your goals in Hollywood is fear. And you look like a big enough fella to kick fear's ass so what's stopping you?" I gave that piece of advise to myself while on the plane to Los Angeles in August to meet with an agent.

Rick Jey

"Believe in yourself"

Dervin Gilbert

"All there is is you and what you want." Master Rose Longhill In acting and life it all distills down to objective and what you're absolutely willing to do to get it (strategy). The lines, once memorized and completely rehearsed, are just a nuisance obstacle to conquering what I want... everything else including the character is superfluous. [to writers and directors out there: understand I LOVE your words and vision but I'm bringing me to the table and I want blood!!!]

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