Acting : Will production fly to film you? by Sherri Semine

Sherri Semine

Will production fly to film you?

My husband works with a guy who also acts. He told him, and showed in social media, he got a part in a film that he uploaded a video audition to New York. They picked him and they are flying to MI to film his "desk sergeant" character. I have NEVER heard of this before. Has anyone ever heard a film going to a no-name actor to film a small scene for a film? I'm confused, happy for this guy, but confused. I can't fathom auditioning for a film and then say I couldn't make their location. I would be blacklisted, or at the very least, not a good name in the industry. If anyone has heard of this let me know how it works. Thank you.

Mark Lund

That's a very good question. I would try to research the filmmaker. Are they on IMDb? I do know of some actors that were brought up from NYC to Massachusetts after a video audition. But in all cases, I would make sure the production pre-paid any travel expenses.

Sherri Semine

I'll have him ask. This man lives in MI. They came to him. Just curious if it was something I hadn't known.

William Joseph Hill

Could be that the production can get a tax credit for shooting in MI -- I know that Michigan has a tax incentive program, so the producers might have figured a way to get some other footage done there as well.

Sherri Semine

They do get many films. Maybe my husband misunderstood about the New York audition. Maybe part was shooting in MI and he submitted to New York. That makes way more sense. Thanks for your answers guys :-)

JD Hartman

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